This country has a heritage of rule of law, being the concept that everyone follows a know set of guides of interaction.  There is a definite plan for those guides to be altered and all are considered equally represented by the rules decided.  In theory.  That ideal has been under assault for several decades and it is now apparent except to the willfully ignorant that rule of law no longer applies in this country.  My natural question – what has replaced it?  When there is no law, there is only force.  Those with access to the most force get to apply their rules.  I notice small examples of this on pretty much a daily basis.  When drivers are breaking traffic laws – running through red lights, etc, what they are actually doing is whatever they want as long as force isn’t there to alter their behavior.  Therefore, the drivers are displaying lack of rule of law and responding to rule of force.  In the wider community, responses to stimuli are being displayed where there is no belief of recompense in a lawful manner, therefore rule of force is applied.  For the riots I will have to note that under the guise of lack of application of law is also the utilization of those times to steal, maim, and destroy under cover of the other issue.  If one wants to restore community to this country, the easiest way is to start applying the rule of law to everyone.  That is, start prosecuting anyone from the corrupt democrat representative to the local law enforcement and apply the actual rule of law without regard to station, color, creed, or any other factor.  The present issues would be changed.  Lack of lawful application, and the destuctive process continues.  Here is another blog entry on the subject.