I have an argument which has been buried under the wave of “gender.”  That is, sex is what it is.  There is a picture of a couple of children looking down their pants and the caption, “yes, there is a difference.”  On my early childhood education, the term “gender” referred to the sexual sense a word bore.  It was noted that some words tended to have a feminine flair, and others a masculine, and that was their “gender”.  It had nothing to do with biology.  As a nurse who worked on an oncology unit, I can attest to the fact that men get breast cancer.  We had a couple with radical mastectomies.  The reason is simple, the tissue in that location is identical between men an women.  The difference in that area, is that the women have a higher level of estrogen and formation of a useful pendulous area.  Shocker alert – the breast is there to feed a baby.  The men can develop gynecomastia, with application of similar hormones, but all that has been done is stimulate what is already there.  There is no change of the person.  I had a transgender point to his gynecomasita and announce that he was a female.  Sorry, no.  Every one of the trillion cells in your body has a different opinion.  No matter the paint applied, there is still a barn present.  I realize that this point of view would ban me from most of the campuses in this present time.  After all, a person is who they think they are, or some other rot-gut like that.  It has become so bad out there that I receive forms to approve patients for medications and the block for sex lists: male, female, unknown, other.  One really needs serious therapy if the third or fourth are chosen.  For any who wish to apply the term -phobia to me, just remember that it is for those who have a “fear of.”  I don’t fear those with issues, I just am very clear what the lines are.  That’s why a modern university would have nothing to do with me.