I have long espoused the concept that islam is just a totalitarian tribal ideology.  I found another blogger with a similar viewpoint.

Islam Is Not a Religion, It Is a Design for Controlling Society

If you note the verses listed at the front of the article, it’s quite apparent that the present muslim attacks are simply acting according to their training.  Driving a truck through a crowd, or beheading a foreigner, or stoning a woman who was raped are simply acts extruded from the philosophy of islam – the true expression, and not a fringe lunatic or madman.  Imagine the clarity of purpose this country would have if the media treated coverage of islam the same as they treat guns.  If that’s too much for you, how about treating islam the way the media treats Republicans?  I know it’s too much to ask, but I would even take a true reporting of the acts and philosophy of islam.  If a true reporting was presented, there would be a much different attitude.  That’s why they don’t provide one.  Philosophically, islam is so close to communism, the left is extremely comfortable with them and covers them the same way as Democrats. There’s another concept that is not presented.

As an aside, I would say a prayer for your local cops.  They are wearing a target, not just from the muslims and black panthers, but also thugs who want to act under the cover of those murderous groups.  We as a country need to have a rule of law.  The cops are on the cutting edge of that interaction.  Remove them and the picture gets ugly very quickly.