I got the front of the engine assembled last night.  For any who don’t know the history, my former engine had problems, a tick and a couple of leaks.  The starter disintegrated into the torque converter housing and I am on the back end of replacing the engine.  Yesterday, I placed the radiator, air conditioner condenser, all the fuse box electric and a rudimentary hook-up of the exhaust.  I still need to get two longer bolts as the ones I obtained just touched the flange and I can’t get the nut caught.  I held the pipe with a jack stand.  The aid conditioner pulled down well, but I have to wait to recharge after the engine is running.  The distributor was placed with a mark on the drive gear and a hope that the teeth would mesh the same in the new engine.  I dialed back from TDC a few degrees with the knowledge that the timing light was in my future.  With all hooked up, I hit the starter and after about 6 tries with a slight sputter each, the engine ran for about 5 seconds followed by the sound of a muzzle loader being fired.  Yes, the distributor needs attention.  remember the disconnected exhaust too.  Amazingly, the family in the house missed my drama.  Oh well.  New bolts and readjustment are awaiting today hopefully followed by a running vehicle.