For those of you who have followed my latest large project I say,

There were a few details requiring some ironing.  It as running very roughly and the air conditioner was not working and the power steering was quite noisy and very jerky.  Let’s see: a little power steering fluid in the reservoir took care of that problem, the transmission required 2 additional quarts of fluid, and it helps to have all of the spark plug wires in the correct order.  As to the last one, I was not quite comfortable with the settings as the timing light was not showing any line, and the engine was quite rough.  Siblinginbox noted that just a couple wires switched would allow the unit to roughly run.  I had spouseinbox watch the rented pressure gauge on the first cylinder while I cranked the crankshaft.  The idea was to look for the needle to jump and announce the compression cycle.  The needle never moved.  The saving grace was that I heard a little air puff and announced, “that was it.”  With a little adjustment, I found the top dead center of the number 1 cylinder on the compression cycle.  I then pulled the distributor to verify the position of the rotor and then replaced it and reset the spark plug wires.  It’s amazing how well an engine runs when the wires are in the correct positions.  The air conditioner just required more Freon.  I still think it still needs a little more, but that will require a purchase of an additional bottle.  Still pending is the cleanup of the garage and washing off the under carriage as well as the driveway.  But it is usable now.  Yea!  We’ve been without a truck for a month and 3 days.  (Just note there is life with one vehicle, we just could not haul as much.)