Spouseinbox and I were traveling to the South part of town when an entire group of people following their phones in a park were noticed.  Spouseinbox was the first to catch on to the Pokemon idea that the people were doing.  As I understand it, one takes their phone, opens up the GPS and camera to the input of Google maps and then in return receives an overlay picture that the try to find in the image of real life.  Step back for a moment and realize from a business point what has been achieved.  I was driving down the road many moons ago when I saw the Google car with all the cameras on top.  It was scanning the piece of road I was traveling.  (I have looked for my picture a couple of times without luck though.)  Google is now receiving pictures of whatever they want using the cell phones of whoever accepts the “game” as well as the insides of structures which was never before possible from their vantage point.  The information now available to Google from this game is incredible: personal information with images attached to each user, images of the area without having to pay the camera car to travel there.  If Google wants to document the inside of a structure, just sent whatever creature there and have people follow to provide all the images the information company would desire.  Remember that if something is “free” someone is paying for it, and the subject may be the merchandise.