• that females, or males for that matter, feel it’s attractive to put holes in their nasal septum and place some foreign object there.  I saw one the other day having black round ends and initially wanted to offer a tissue – “excuse me miss, I think you need to blow, or at least wipe, your nose.”  It would give me pause to have one like that at the burger joint.  Just the appearance makes me wonder if something dripped. How about in the department store?  Never mind.  I can’t appreciate your sense of fashion.  I’ll look for myself.  How about in the bank?  You might as well pull the bills out of your bra.  I would have the same impression.  I guess it’s just the idea of snot.
  • that cats feel the need to attend my bathroom activities?  It’s not like I need supervision.  After a rub, they then feel the neat to eat.  I can hear them think, “Interesting, excretion of waste material.  What’s for supper?  Dry food.?  Cool.  I’ll sample some during this aura.”