I’m not complaining. I enjoy work. I like labor. Reminds me that, should this country fall completely apart, I’m not incapable of doing things with my hands. Sore? Tired? Yes, but I’d rather be sore & tired than unable to do even the easiest of manual labor.

Dad used to muse, “I wonder what it would be like to not be able to use tools.”  I’m figuring this was an unfathomable thought as the man was a machinist.  He was known to make tools as well.  Do any of you know about that notch in the front claw of a claw hammer used to pull tiny nails?  Dad put one in a hammer before I ever saw one in the marketplace.  As for sore and tired, I fully agree with the knowledge that this isn’t a complaint.  It is a fact and I don’t mind being in that state.  It tells me that work was done, and I was the one doing it.  That is a blessing.