I find it mind boggling the double standard. Now, I don’t want to go get high, but I would like to see th.e welfare recipients put through the same jumping of hoops that us working folk get to do

As to the last comment on the post, the reason politicians aren’t is because they want the aura of not being under the law.  Hillary.  They make the law, therefore are not subject to it.  Remember the Republicans who stated they would start following the law and then screamed when the realization hit that their lowly workers would have to be allowed off work after a reasonable period of time – legislated by themselves – and not worked 90-100 hours per week?  Bottom line, it’s all a scam with the goal of maintaining and increasing political power.  Blacks, you think you’re off the plantation?  What does your voting show?  Lying B. Johnson stated he would have you voting Democrat for generations.  He was right, and you have shown your vote is up for sale.  There are many assessments of the black family prior to welfare and after welfare.  Check them out.  Thank the government for the change.  From my observation, there are a few that need welfare.  That would be few.  Most can work.  Most can do something.  The problem is that government has placed the bar for a business high enough, that few can cross it.  That is also on purpose.  Why allow people with individual desires/thoughts to be allowed expression if they may not follow the political/party line?  It’s better to keep them poor and steal from productive individuals to do so.  Cloward & Piven.