September 2016

The states of matter are solid, liquid and gas.  These states are described according to the movement of the atoms in each.  In the solid, the atoms are in fixed positions relative to the other atoms present.  In a liquid, the atoms are able to move, but maintain close proximity to each other.  In the gaseous state, the atoms have no or little attraction to each other, bounce off each other and the container in which they are held.  The movement of the atoms in the gaseous state is considered perpetual.  In fact, a colloid is a solid particle suspended in the air (or other gas) according to the movement of the atoms present.  Spouseinbox and I volunteer in the nursery at church once a month.  We had five charges present which illustrated the movement of atoms in a gaseous state in a much better fashion than I have done here.


to express the feelings of watching this.  Here is the perfect example of the problem we have with a too powerful federal government bureaucracy.

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This is from the comments: They’re burdened with the cost of millions of illegals and told they’re racists and xenophobes if they don’t embrace them and fund their comfort with their own hard-earned dollars. They see the porous borders and a president waving in hordes of could-be jihadists because he wants to cure us of a phobia none of us have. Meanwhile … congress stands by like useless ornaments.

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One thing not mentioned here is the stated lack of education on cursive writing.  Once we have a population unable to read cursive, all the former documents done in writing might as well be hieroglyphics.

 People fret saying, “Well how can we pay for college/healthcare/housing/retirement/etc. without government help!?” but they fail to realize it’s government money that is precisely driving these costs up.  If you simply took away this money (be it college, the stock market, healthcare, etc. etc.) prices would drop dramatically because there’s be TRILLIONS less in money chasing those same fixed amount of degrees, doctors, houses, and stocks.

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by those who have access to their own separate medical system.  Remember, Great Britain has two medical systems, one for the elites and the national for everyone else.  Sound familiar?  Here is the view down the road of socialized medicine.  This country is going that direction, we just aren’t down the road that far – yet.

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