I was working on our back yard recently and noted the attention paid to the lawnmower by Robin, our 9 pound dog.  If Robin was placed on a chair, she would be a couple of feet tall.  As she is on the ground, a full stretch reaches just below my knee.  Our smaller cat, Pearl, is bigger.  Now that you have the picture, consider Robin barking and lunging at the lawnmower while I am trying to reduce the height of the grass (and weeds).  I was wary as I didn’t want her foot underneath the machine.  She’s short enough already.  She would run at the machine, bark and nip at one of the wheels, then retreat back to the porch or under the dog run.  This was repeated multiple times during my mowing session.  I started to muse about this creature attacking a machine so much larger and more destructive than she could ever think of being.  Her tenacity caught my attention.  It reminded me of the muslims who attack relentlessly and continuously over the centuries and retreat only to return again.  With the dog and lawnmower analogy, it would be a dog taking a million bites of the lawnmower wheel.  The first few have no effect, but after continuous nips, there would be an effect.  The smooth operation of the wheel would no longer be seen.  Further attacks would make it not roll at all.

I continued the thought with the kind of attacks the communists would do.  Whereas the muslims attack the outer most accessible portions of the mower, I think the communists would be willing to pee in the tank.  They attack the driving force of the operation.  The foundation of this country was a belief in God with the understanding that socialism was incompatible with an operating society.  This was noted in about 1624.  The notation was that young men would not put forth their best efforts as they could not see why they should work for the benefit of someone else’s wife and children.  There is the base problem with socialism – it is better to be the one wanting.  I was discussing this with siblingingbox and it was noted that those with talent would not work to their full ability as that would increase the quota.  One dare not show one’s true ability.  If you want to know why communist countries are so poor, there is the reason.  This country is running down the same path with only about 1/2 of the population being actively employed while the other half are leaching off the labors with the government being the middleman offering benefits to the leaches in return for their votes.  Disclaimer: am I saying everyone on welfare is a leach?  No, there are a few that need it.  When an individual has the mentality, “I’m not a drag on the economy.  Just give me my check each month,”  there is a problem.  That quoted is from a welfare recipient quoted by her relative with whom I worked.  This was an able bodied individual receiving money from us workers.  That is a problem and will destroy this country in the long run.  Establishing that was the socialists/communists urinating in the political fuel tank of this country.  When the volume of urea exceeds the gas required, the engine will stop.