I was over at a neighbor’s house talking when a memory was jogged and I had to recount the story.  There are a couple of facts required for understanding.  First, the bathroom light was one of these fluorescent ones that had a starter coil.  Turn on the switch, wait a few seconds and in the dark, you could see the red spot in the coil followed eventually by the redness in the ends of the bulbs and finally usable visible light.  It took about as long to turn on as it took to read/write this paragraph to this point. Second, there is an interesting radio called the Plectron.  It was utilized by the volunteer fire department to call firemen to duty whenever the need arose.  It was also tested every evening at 1800.  (6PM)  If your radio didn’t sound at 1800, there was an issue, and it needed repair.  Ours had an additional speaker allowing the alarm to be heard two doors away.  Literally.  Understand, I’m talking down the street, not down the hall.  This speaker was located in the room across from the bathroom.  Mominbox was a generous host of missionaries.  We have had guests from all over the globe.  I have heard stories from indian tribes, jungles, deserts, and busy foreign cities.  I even gave up my bed on occasion for such guests.  One of these guests arrived and asked where the bathroom was.  Mominbox directed down the hall and second on the right.  This individual happened to turn on the light switch at 1800.  Everyone, from that time forward, coming from that missionary department, arrived warned about that triggered light switch.