There are a bunch of blogs out there dissecting phrases and looks and the television parses Donald Trump ad-infinitum.  I can’t handle the broadcasts at this point as it is so one sided, only the willingly ignorant can’t see.  There is one side with a bombastic business man who has cut deals and built an empire through many nations in this world.  Set against this individual is a lawyer who was dismissed from the Nixon investigations as being a liar and unethical.  That behavior hasn’t changed.  It’s so bad that there are a plethora of jokes on the subject.  Between siblinginbox and myself, the discussion has ended up with the assessment that one knows they are an elite when breaking the law in a known fashion brings no consequence.  The problem isn’t the felonious activity.  It’s a populace which doesn’t care and would still vote for such an individual.   For those who say that neither of these is good and spend your vote elsewhere, I would like to note that it will be either one or the other who makes it to the top box.  No other parties will be there.  The numbers don’t exist.  Period.  Full stop.  There is one or the other choice of who is actually going to be there.  If you don’t vote for either, the one with the most felonious activity will make it.  That to which I refer is the discovery of cases of ballots in Ohio.  Yes, cases.  Can anyone say “vote fraud?”  But, but, but, there are only 6-7 convictions of vote fraud in this country, so that’s a very small issue.  Note how that presentation tries to equate the final results of court cases to the broad issue.  Tens of thousands of ballots are each considered vote fraud.  that’s quite a few more than 6-7.  Siblinginbox noted how Ohio was low on the number of election rallies compared to the apparent need of those electoral votes.  I wonder if the low number of rallies was related to the knowledge that the vote was already covered no matter what the  populace did?  After all, this was only one set of boxes of ballots found.  How many others are there?  It matters not who votes.  It only matters who counts.  Vote fraud is almost nonexistant?  Give me a break.

There was another site I saw the other day describing how Trump supporters are being given bogus information for their canvassing to in effect reduce their chances of increasing the vote for Trump.  This bogus information is being provided by the GOP.  Think about that for a moment.  We have a party trying to cut the legs out from under its own candidate.  It’s not hard to see the issue.  Trump hasn’t worked through their system to earn the appropriate brownie points.  Look at Cane.  He gave up the chair of the party to a Clinton stooge and as repayment is now the VP nominee.  That’s how it’s supposed to be done.  Reagan lost in the ’70’s and went to assist other Republicans in their campaigns and then became the nominee.  This Trump character didn’t check off the appropriate boxes, and as such has to be punished.  This puts a felon in the White House, but at least this felon checked off the appropriate boxes in her party.  She has done such a good job, that the opposing party isn’t really opposing her.  There are some who advocate voting for her.  Personally, I would prefer that each and every Republican who advocated voting for this felon be voted out of office.  I would prefer that every Republican who advocated voting for the felon never receive a dime of contribution again.  Was I in any way unclear about my feelings towards them?  I have not forgotten that one of our Texas senators voted in 2012 for internment of citizens against the 4th amendment.  I haven’t forgotten and remind people occasionally as the opportunity presents itself.  The next election for this violator of our rights is in another 2 years.  Will we maintain such a memory about our present crew?  I sadly think the attention span of our population is too short.  That is the purpose of modern education, but that is another subject for another blog sometime later.