Our insurance plan in their infinite wisdom has everyone in the facility measure height, weight, and draw blood for basic testing every year.  They advertise an incentive of $25 per paycheck x 2 parameters for those who participate and fit within the number guidelines presented.  Stated differently, if you don’t want to play it will cost $1300 per year in added insurance cost.  If you do play, and don’t fit their guidelines, you still get to pay that $1300.  Doesn’t that just give you the warm fuzzies about our coverage?  Anyways, I took my turn at the assessments and was to the final stage where someone sticks a needle into a vein for the blood sample to decide whether the blood sugar is within parameters.  The Phlebotomist is a lady of my acquaintance for a couple years and was looking at my anticubitals for a good site.  Actually, that’s quite the normal procedure among nurses.  There is even a picture out there somewhere labeled “nurse porn” and consists of an arm with dramatic veins showing the entire length.  “I could hit that blindfolded,” being the common phrase.  The other sentiment is the “you know you’re a nurse when:” and in this  case the rejoinder is “you notice veins on perfect strangers.”  I knew the look and mentioned that the vein on the right was the one normally appreciated.  The lady of my acquaintance started talking along the line of agreement as this was her first stick.  I agreed to the plan and at that moment heard a rebuke over my shoulder.  “Girls, you never tell a patient that.  They know each other.”  I looked to see the local nursing school had students with their instructor standing there.  The two of us kept it going along the lines of never having seen each other or maybe passed in the BigBox store…  It’s definitely more fun on this side of a joke.