I tell you, with a title like that, this entry should get some traffic.  Actually, my first sentence is one of three items related to this subject.  I was thinking of tackling a couple of others and that one just poured out of the dendrites.  Anyways, if you are easily offended, need “safe zones” or other such nonsense present in our modern upper level education, there is a back button on your browser and you are free to leave.  I am married.  Happily, I might add.  I have previously mentioned that we have sex.  It is understood because we are married.  That is one of the privileges of the institution with Biblically based actions.  There are only two mentioned times when a married couple are not to have sex.  1.) when the female is on her period, 2.) for a period of fasting and prayer.  That’s it.  Otherwise, the bed is labeled as undefiled and whoremongers and adulterers God will judge, to quote Hebrews 13:4.  There are very few reasons to avoid the act – in marriage of course.  This places the realm of reproduction and raising progeny firmly in the association of a family.  The Bible also mentions other family designs, such as two females with a single male.  The fact that it exists in the Bible is utilized to say that God approves of such three-soms.  I don’t see approval.  I do see an acknowledgement of mankind’s behavior.  The Jews approached Jesus with the subject of divorce.  Jesus replied that by the hardness of their hearts, Moses allowed the practice, but it was not from the beginning.  (Mark 10:2-12)

There is only one area I can recall where a man was called upon to marry a second wife.  That is when a brother dies leaving no child.  The wife was to go to the next brother so that the family name would not perish.  There are several stories about this subject, both in the performing of it and the neglecting of it.  There is even a story of incest related to it – Moab.  If you are a visualizing individual, the stories are described in  Genesis and not for those who easily cringe.  (Gen 19:30-32; 38:9)  Note that the aura surrounding this action has nothing to do with the enjoyment of the individuals involved.  It has everything to do with formation of family lines.  There is a reason this action was to be placed in certain bounds.  Our present society is becoming an example of why removing those bounds is deadly.

Once one takes the boundaries away from an action, there is a period of time where the population responds according to what was previously taught and order is maintained- without the boundaries there.  Observers then tout the new show as reason the boundaries were not necessary in the beginning.  However, once there is a change in population to a group of individuals who have not obtained the training, no carry-over of behavior is then possible.  The new behaviors begin and society shows problems.  Cut a rose and it looks and smells beautiful for a period of time.  Once the nourishment has stopped, degeneration will occur.  As one can see in our society, once the spiritual nourishment was removed, degeneration occurred.  I have a memory.  I was around in the 60’s, though don’t have too many memories of that era.  I do remember going door-to-door during Halloween and receiving home-made cookies and popcorn balls.  Children of this present age cannot say the same.  There was degeneration in the culture and individuals started harming the children, which resulted in X-ray scans of the candy and requirement that everything be manufactured and wrapped.  For the youngsters reading here, it was not always like that.  There was a time when a neighbor would offer a cookie, and it was all right to eat it.

Back to sex.  (Since we are close to the candy time, I thought that memory fit.)  I was also in school when sex education was being pushed.  For myself, it happened in 6th grade.  The girls and boys were separated and put into different large rooms where a movie was shown.  (There was no video back then.)  (Yes, there was a time before DVD’s.  It was a fun time as well.)  Afterwards, we had a sex specific discussion, then went back to the regular classrooms where the usual mixed group had another session of instruction.  The presentation was basically what sex was, hygiene, and circumcision.  I remember my teacher making jokes about that last subject.  That was all.  Subject covered, and I knew enough to approach the action in marriage when it occurred.  Remember, we grew up in a Christian household and certain acts were to be performed only within certain bounds.  Culturally, however, the argument was being made that kids were “going to do it” and since it was going to happen anyways, teaching was required.  Let’s just jump to the bottom line.  If one wants more of something, either learn more about it, or buy more of it.  As I see the advent of sex ed, the purpose was not to educate the children, but to activate behavior.  This was to specifically thwart the training received at home.  Thomas Sowell noted that if presentation of facts was desired, 12 years of training was not needed.  That much training was only required if one was wanting to change the training received at home.

What has this country purchased with sex education?  Illegitimacy rates, poor family structure, and abortion rates all increasing.  Black family structure was destroyed.  Compare the black families in the ’50’s to presently.  Compare the black literacy rates between the same eras.  Once sex was removed from the boundaries of family, the action became self-focused and those involved were participating for their own reasons – using the other person.  The fall-out from such a mindset isn’t limited to the individual.  How many young men have a decent role-model male?  From where are they to learn how to direct their aggressive instincts to protective, rather than destructive violence?  Once sex was removed from the dedicated family, degeneration occurred.  It took a while to do so, allowing those proponents to say how good it was to have sex with anyone, whenever one chose, but the cultural rose is now wilted.

I am out of time, so will continue the subject later.