Many moons ago, our oldest kidinbox went on a first trick-or-treat.  We escorted to the first house, walked up to the door, rang the bell and instructed to, “Say, trick or treat.”  Kidinbox was silent, looked up at the homeowner, received a candy in the bag, looked straight down into the bag and then we went to the next house.  The scenario repeated itself.  There were no repeated words, kidinbox looked into the bag again.  At house number three, kidinbox fairly ran towards the door…

On Saturday, this kidinbox got married.  We were busy as anything.  I wrote a song for the occasion.  Considering the two involved were law enforcement types, I applied the lyrics as follows:

The Ultimate Arrest

It was near Christmas, lights adorned most every tree.

Merry Christmas banners hung on poles in the sky

He was on patrol keeping watch on the beat

when something caught his eye

This figure had a presence, and was light on her feet

the chase had begun

They went through alleys, crossed the streets, rounded trees and bends.

Space between them shortening as he pursued his prey

Miles passed beneath their feet, time forgotten

Until that moment hands made contact, chase was done that day.

(chorus) He made his ultimate arrest, success that would be with him for life.

He made his ultimate arrest, that catch would then become his wife.

No further need for hot pursuit

The record book was closed that day.

There’s nothing additional to say

He made his ultimate arrest

On the sound track, I placed a highly equalized voice to simulate a radio saying “Car 5, subject sighted, corner of 1st and 2nd,” then, “Car 5, 10-80, chase in progress,” then, “Car 5, 10-95, subject in custody,” during the appropriate portions of the lyrics.  I then had the officiator of the ceremony come during a musical portion of the song, prior to the chorus repeat, and handcuff the two of them.  It was enjoyable.  The officiator did provide the groom with the handcuff key, though, so they weren’t cuffed too long.

These will be nice memories as well.