November 2016

Our crew went to Pizza Place (name changed to protect the guilty) and had a rather decent pizza.  They messed up the order, but caught the error and remade the pizza before it arrived at the table.  So, good news, they caught the problem, bad news, we had to wait an additional cook time for supper.  Anyways, time for the bill came and I took up the charges and our envelope labeled “eat out.”  The charge was $31.12.  We had no $20 bill.  There were plenty of $1’s as I like to keep them to make a tip.  I placed a $50 bill, a $1 bill and a dime and two pennies on the counter.  The perplexed cashier asked if I really wanted to do that, and picked up the $50.  I said yes, and advised I wanted $20 back.  This checker then started to make change out of the $50 bill and I advised again that all I needed was a $20.  The waitress arrived and asked what the problem was and the checker stated that he had a $50 bill and the charge was $31.12.  I pointed out that I had placed the additional $1.12 on the counter and wanted a $20.  The waitress told the checker, “give him his $20.”

After getting back in the vehicle and venting several expressions on the situation, it occurred to me that this teenager was probably within 2 years of being able to vote.  Consider that possibility and then ask what level of consideration would this individual be able to bring to the ballot box.  Would there be any ability to weigh candidates’ fiscal policy vs domestic policy and judge importance of what is more pressing at a particular time, or would this individual vote for who had the best sound bite or what party the family had supported for the last forty years?

It again has me assured that this battle for the country is not mostly at the governmental level, but rather at the cultural level.  Consider this.

What is the difference between Rome and America?  A vast geographical area, influxes of alien migrants, an economy that is faltering, a military less than at its best, immorality, vice, and corruption at every turn, societal degradation and a welfare state, and foreign nations ready to pounce characterize both empires.

Because in order to restore the United States, there is one thing Trump will have to do that Aetius could not do for Rome: change the mindset of society and propel the people into a consciousness of individual control…over themselves…and the reversal of the moral and community decline of their own accord.  What do the odds makers in Vegas place on this being able to be accomplished, your guess is as good as mine.  I’m betting against, because as long as money and power back the throne, the throne can never be fully effective.  As long as the populace can be bought off with their own money and welfare exists, the public will stagnate and never reach their full potential to rejuvenate the failing society.

I had an army APC (armored personnel carrier) labeled with our local town name and police swat.  The only thing missing was the machine gun turret.  It was a stark reminder that we don’t live in Mayberry.  It is here because the culture has problems such that it is allowed/needed.  Force won’t solve the problem.  That is the only characteristic government has at its disposal.  What will really solve the problem is a cultural shift back to a moral and religious society.  It would require a shift back to personal responsibility, removal of governmental regulation and welfare and increase of the religious life of the population.  Media, education and entertainment would need to be reversed from their present stances.  Trump won’t do this in 4 years.  He couldn’t do it in 12 years.  This is a shift needing to occur in the population.  The government would have to be forced follow.


I am a nurse.  As such, I have training in basic body processes.  Before you continue, let me advise any with a poor constitution to bypass this blog entry.  If you get queezy easily, don’t continue reading.

The olfactory sense is controlled in the brain with stimuli provided from the upper areas of the nose containing folds where particles interact and chemically stimulate responses which are interpreted by the brain to be certain scents.  Smell is then provided by a direct interaction of a substance with the body, or in this case by particles entering the nose and touching the receptors there.  That means the only way we know someone passed a “silent but violent” one is that the particles formerly in the rectum of that individual have passed into our nose and come into contact with receptors there.  Have a nice day.  Don’t hold your breath too long.

I found another article mentioning the origin of “political correctness.”  Remember that this was a term designed by those who wanted thought control – by controlling the manner of expression and lexicon of words, a person’s thoughts would then become “politically correct.”  There’s a bit more in the article and this was just an aside, but it struck a bell with me.  Go read the rest.  I found the description of boogeyman interesting.  It also notes how the media soft-pedals any reference to communism.   That was an observation I had on the movie “The Majestic“.  There was not a bad word on communism in the movie depicting actions of the House Unamerican Activities Committee.

– usually a term for describing a poor business strategy that waits until the day after Thanksgiving to get the accounts out of the red.  I usually avoid the sales crowds like the plague that they are, but kidinbox was not available to do the annual shopping, and so we are the substitute.  This store was the one we frequented this morning.  At 7.  We actually go up to go to a store on a day off work.  There’s a story in there somewhere.

Speaking of kidinbox, there’s a song they play on the radio at work which states “what you do for love.”  I hear that song and immediately think changing a dirty diaper of an 18 month old.  I only do that for love.  I’m sort of thinking taking care of a house full of animals falls into that category as well.  I don’t mind helping, but had to think that the only reason I am doing this, is because it’s for kidinbox.  I guess it’s also similarly about getting into a crowd on Black Friday.  I do it for love, definitely not for the crowds, and the specials aren’t that spectacular.  Just sayin’.

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Something to whet your appetite:

The TV execs and anchors went in there thinking they would be discussing the access they would get to the Trump administration, but instead they got a Trump-style dressing down,” the source added.

A second source confirmed the fireworks.

The business of my day precludes all the extra writing I’m tempted to do.  In lieu of that activity, here are a few links about which I would like to comment.

Related to a couple of links here is a picture I wish I could find.  There is a plaque in the Texas State Capital in a hallway behind some stairs stating that the people of Texas swear to teach their children the truth of the civil war, not the propaganda the federal government presents.  (That’s my interpretation)  I haven’t found that picture.  It’s somewhere in a file kind of like Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Associated with that picture I wanted to present a newspaper clipping which is available online, so that one is included.  Read this and feel what was at the base of the civil war.  You may also understand how prophetic the writer was – this was 50 years before the creation of the Federal Reserve and the application of income tax.  It is possible to evaluate philosophy and action and predict the logical outcome.


Sometimes a picture can say so much.

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