I work in a neurologist office.  Dr. Grumpy stories are so normal.  Part of me wishes it weren’t true, but as I have talked with people in other professions, it has occurred to me that the stories presented are simply a reflection of people of the culture.  The actions show in whatever profession is out there because the people are the same.  Every once in a while, though, we have one that leaves a warm spot in the back of the dendrites.  Every once in a while, there is a patient who you just want to hug.  I sit in on the end of visits and create the visit summary and receive orders.  As such, I hear the discussion of symptoms and plans for treatment.  We had a patient with a tumor.  The description was: take a bowl of jello and right before it sets throw a handful of sand into it.  After it sets, cut out the sand.  That was the description of the issues related to this tumor.  There were a couple of possibilities, but nothing really good.  I typed all I was  supposed to and wished the patient and family a good rest of the day and advised them of the direction out of the clinic.  As the patient started down the hall, I noted the back of the tee shirt – “Never Give Up” in six inch tall letters.  When I was in chemotherapy, all things being equal, the attitude of the person was the saving or destroying factor related to their prognosis.  This tee shirt showed me an attitude on the plus side of the equation.