Dear sirs: I want to remind you what is on the mind of we the people in the voting behavior this election.  1.) we are tired of having laws only apply to us and not the governmental leaders.  Nothing would please us more than having a certain number of officials both elected and not, carted off in handcuffs.  The “rule of law” needs to be revived.  Throw a few CPR puffs into the system by starting to remove some of the cancer that is so obvious that only the purposefully ignorant can miss it.  2.) There is an ideology being brought into this country which needs to be stopped.  Islam is incompatible with western thought and only brings chaos, rapes, death, and destruction.  It needs to be stopped.  The battles of 1805 with muslims in Africa are noted in the marine hymn.  Remember.  Problems with muslims are not new.  That philosophy is a cancer needing excision.  3.) Borders are those markings physically on the map demarking the difference between countries.  We need ours clearly marked.  We need ours marked at least 12 feet high with barbed wire and back-up protections.  We are not Mexico.  We are the United States.  Mexican workers have been violating our laws and removing income from this country to take back to Mexico.  It is time to stop the flow.  Borders are also cultural.  We are not Mexico.  We are not Saudi Arabia.  We are the United States and the children in schools here need to know we are unique in the world, and that is good.  That cultural barrier needs to be rebuilt where the population learns that being American is a point of pride.  4.) Our jobs need to be just that.  Policies that force or allow businesses to move to low cost labor areas in South America and siphon income from this country in response need to be stopped.  NAFTA is an abomination.  The EPA is an abomination.  The rest of the alphabet soup governmental agencies not responsive to the people are an abomination.  One may respond, “that is threatening their jobs.”  I say, “their presence threatens our jobs, and we are the ones who are having our incomes forcibly removed to pay for them.”  Remove the governmental problems forcing businesses to make horrible choices  – including minimum wage – and allow business to operate according to how the economy dictates, not how some bureaucrat dictates.  Once business can operate in this country again, welfare needs to be placed on the shrinkage list.  Socialism has failed everywhere.  Period.  It has failed here as well.  We need to stop supporting it.  Period.  5.) Republicans – I absolutely despise your pandering to the other party.  We are supposed to be a different party, not a socialist light.  Realize that any of you who received a vote under Trump received that vote not in joy of what you had previously done, but in deference to the one who needs your support – not opposition which has been so generously applied during the election season.  I still remember your votes to intern voters without fourth amendment protections.  I still remember your pushing amnesty up until the last hour.  I still remember you not providing any push-back against the horrific policies of obummer.  I still remember you providing full funding to Planned Parenthood in full knowledge that they were selling baby body parts.  The vote given had nothing to do with your actions – as they were deplorable, but everything to do with the potential to stop the crap the Democrats were bringing.  Notice I said “potential” as your past actions have not proven you a good supporter of our Constitution.  The Democrats are pure opposition, so we know what would happen there.  You are partial opposition to the Constitution, but with a proper leader there is a ray of hope that the right thing may be done.  That is the only reason you received a vote from this quarter.  Remember.

That’s just some thoughts off the top of my head, or off the cuff as it may be.