– usually a term for describing a poor business strategy that waits until the day after Thanksgiving to get the accounts out of the red.  I usually avoid the sales crowds like the plague that they are, but kidinbox was not available to do the annual shopping, and so we are the substitute.  This store was the one we frequented this morning.  At 7.  We actually go up to go to a store on a day off work.  There’s a story in there somewhere.

Speaking of kidinbox, there’s a song they play on the radio at work which states “what you do for love.”  I hear that song and immediately think changing a dirty diaper of an 18 month old.  I only do that for love.  I’m sort of thinking taking care of a house full of animals falls into that category as well.  I don’t mind helping, but had to think that the only reason I am doing this, is because it’s for kidinbox.  I guess it’s also similarly about getting into a crowd on Black Friday.  I do it for love, definitely not for the crowds, and the specials aren’t that spectacular.  Just sayin’.