December 2016

I saw this article and noted a particular phrase which was accented though the thought just jumps out of the page on its own:

I keep watch for police types and call them “wolves.”  Spouseinbox asked about my description and I replied that they are on a hunt.  I try my best to not be the prey.  The bulk of traffic rules are simply excuses to raise funds via driving indiscretions.  Example: getting pulled over on the north side of a small town many moons ago.  When I went to get the ticket video, the girl at the store asked where and when I mentioned the town asked if it was by the cemetery.  That was the moment my stink meter pegged.  The girl then stated her relative was on the city council about a decade earlier when they decided to move the city boundaries out 1 mile in each direction.  That way, the driver believes they have left town and start back to highway speed.  The town gets the fine.  This scenario gets repeated ad infinitum and no one can convince me that there is a safety issue here.   It is purely a voluntary taxation.  The side effect is a population who are rather cynical about the traffic laws.  This story from California just adds to the cynicism.  We who pay the bills can see how the bureaucrats and elected officials are treated related to the laws they foist on the rest of us.  I have seen an occasional article on the “us vs them” mentality.  This is a bit of what encourages its existence.


We have had a pleasant family day at mi casa.  The crew will descend on us tomorrow.  We are anticipating 8 here.  That said, the gifts are still under the tree.  Now that I’m an adult, it’s no longer torture to wait a bit longer to open the gifts.  I’m not worried about the arrival of Santa and am no longer trying to set up trip wire cameras or other means to catch parents in the act.  Granted, that was fun, and I was rewarded not by a picture, but by a yell of dad who hit the trip wire and verbalized the experience.  Anyways, that’s a small snippet of the day here.

I have also been working on a new project: Jesus and Mary.  This will be another musical comprising the interactions between Jesus and three different Marys.  The first is his mother, the second is the sister of Martha and Lazarus, the third is Mary Magdalen who was present at the cross and later at the tomb.  In doing this project, I have been looking carefully at the scriptures and also comparing maps and culture.  That said, there are quite a few traditions around the birth of Christ which I have had to question.  1.) the presence of Joseph.  Is there any mention of Joseph at the manger?  Culturally speaking, the man was not to touch his wife from a certain time during labor until a week later.  The women would gather and talk the mother through her birth.  The other women would provide support, back rubs, etc until the birth occurred.  After everything was done, the man would be allowed to see, but not touch his wife.  2.) the stable.  Again, the scripture says how there was no room in the inn/house (depending upon translation) and they went to the stable.  Considering the laws about child birth, it is reasonable to see that there was no private location for Mary to have birth except a place like the stable away from everyone there for the census.  By the way, the census was for counting the population, verifying their lineage and taxing them.  The persons would swear to their names, their parents’ names, note any particular bodily characteristic and get charged a tax.  3.) the house was mentioned later during the time with the wise men.

Let’s take a moment with the wise men.  They saw a star and followed the sign to Jerusalem.  I read some commentary that noted a prophecy in Judges where Baalam was asked to curse Israel and blessed instead.  In Numbers 24:17 it says that a star will rise in Jacob.  Some of the reading I found surmised that the wise men looked at the old prophecies and discovered the reference to the star and went to Israel to see the leader prophesied.  What’s really interesting about that is that it is a really reasonable observation as to the ability of the wise men to recognize Israel, but where it departs from tradition is that Balak who was hiring Balaam to curse was a leader in Moab.  That is a country just to the east of the Jordan river, or about 4 -5 days journey from Bethlehem.  In other words, it’s possible these were distant relatives of the Israelites, not travelers from Iran or China.

Now that I have researched this, I had to make a decision how much to place in the musical.  I chose to have Mary and Joseph directed towards the stable and then cut to the shepherds.  I’ll leave alone the details of the birth, how much pain was experienced and who was present.  Another by the way, I was dispelling any notion of a pain-free birth until a Catholic pointed at Isaiah 66:8.  I will leave it there for you to ponder.

What I have put together for the shepherds is a combination of song and scripture with two parts in mind as there are only going to be spouseinbox and myself doing the presentation.  Here it goes:


I looked at the electoral college historically and with the parties reversed, John F. Kennedy had similar numbers.  Next, with all the push to get electors to vote against Trump, it was Hillary who lost more.  How about that stated differently – more of Hillary’s electors thought she was unfit to serve than Trump’s electors, by a margin of over 2:1.  Of course the alphabet media will never present it that way, though it fits the style of their propaganda, just in the opposite direction.

Today is the actual election day.  The electors will perform their much anticipated task demonstrating the wisdom of the founders in balancing power of the large vs small population states.  Whenever I hear the popular vote meme, it’s interesting how few to none of the times the philosophy of the electoral college is discussed.  Rhode Island, for example is the smallest state and didn’t want to be steam-rolled in any national election due to its size.  After all, any tiny state would have little to no authority in a system where the total votes of democracy rule.  In the practical sense, the small states could be ignored while the populated stated are courted in a  total democracy.  Look at New York in a county fashion to see this in practice.  There are enough voters in a small few counties on the East of New York to effectively null the votes of the remainder of the state.  Hillary won the state in the early 2000’s in the NYC and Albany, and ignored the rest of the state.  There were enough votes in NYC to all her to ignore the remainder of the state.  The electoral college prevents that kind of election from happening nationally.  The small states get a proportionally higher involvement compared to the larger states.  Our founder’s wisdom is shown again.

China has removed one of our unmanned subs from the ocean.  It will eventually be returned to us – in pieces after everything has been thoroughly scanned.  I have read on the implications in the area and technology theft possible and thoughts on the same.  There is a politically viable angle as well.  This move allows China to do two things at once – slap Zero in the face and test the metal of Donald Trump.  Slapping Zero is too easy.  He is a Marxist/muslim who hates this country and is happy to cooperate with United States defamation wherever it is initiated.  This was signaled by his bowing incidents on the initial apology tour of the world at the start of his pathetic eight years.  This has been repeated more times than I wish to remember as well.  That said, it may be more to test the reaction of President-elect Trump than anything else.  I remember the election of Ronald Reagan and the release of the hostages on that very night.  They were only released because they understood that Carter was a wimp and Reagan would kick them back to (pick your destination).  China knows Trump as the businessman/investor who has done business there for decades.  Now they have to deal with him from a military/national standpoint and need a reference point as to how he will react to their aggressiveness in the area.  Under Zero, they have expanded bases to the south and claimed formerly sea under either international waters or under claim by other nations.  Will Trump cause a problem?  is probably a good question for them to ask.  This incident may be providing the answer.

I played cook over the weekend.  We had visitors for whom I made doughnuts.  There was a can of raspberry filling available in the pantry, so I decided to utilize some and make filled doughnuts.  The result was rather tasty, though a bit large.  I will have to make smaller doughnuts next time.  There was quite an amount remaining from the can of filling, so I looked up a recipe for filled cookies and found a simple one consisting of 2 egg yokes, 12/ cup sugar, 3/4 cup butter and 1 3/4 cup flour.  I forget if there was a dash of salt.  Anyways, blend the first three, slowly add the flour, and place in the refrigerator until small balls can be formed.  Depress the center of the ball and bake at 375 degrees for 12 -15 minutes.  Place a dot of the fruit in the depression and they are done.  It has been tasty.  I still have a few left, and granted, it is tempting to grab one when walking by – it’s not too much, they are small…

With a title like that, I should get some glances.  After we are a highly sexed culture.  It is everywhere: movies, advertisements, television, school.  The crew at work likes to play a rock station.  They played a bit of Christmas in between some of their rock songs and one of the songs played was “Mommy kissing Santa Clause.”  I noted how my mom hated that song.  After all, a married woman was not to be kissing another man.  The crew got a “kick” from that idea, but I backed up the mindset with experience.  I took my then girlfriend to visit and mom made sure there was another couple at church to house that girl as we “had no business sleeping under the same roof until we were married.”  You could see a little sense of implication hit them.  Yes, I believe I am the only one in the office to approach marriage as a virgin.  Granted, I am a bit older than the rest so the culture had not shifted as much when I was in school, but I did hear the “they are all going to do it, so better get them prepared” argument.  Let’s look at that for a moment.  I was a virgin at my wedding so not all of them are going to do it.  Further, I went into marriage with no risk of STD, no surprise child, no history of unfaithfulness.  How’s that for a starting point of marriage?

Let’s look at a lyric I hear rather frequently – “Take me home tonight. I don’t want to let you go until you see the light.”  What dedication is there?  Is there any commitment?  Is there any relational stability?  Let me propose this song is promoting each using the other.  That is the inverse of what is required for a relationship.  Period.  We have had patients in the office with over 50 sexual partners.  What is the possibility of them establishing a fulfilling relationship?  How about those who shack up with someone because after all, you need to get to know someone before marrying them?  Shacking up has a 40% higher divorce rate.  The reason is simple.  Those in that situation are in the mindset of how are you going to please me.  That sets the stage for the break-up.  Even if unspoken – the players are in place.

Speaking of players in place, a couple in the office are getting their children vaccinated with the HPV, and one has already had all three shots.  What is the purpose of this vaccine?   As of 2014 it blocks the 9 most prevalent viruses of HPV only.  The person is still open to any other STD’s.  It further sends the message of “I know you are going to do it, so here is protection.”  It’s not really protection.  It’s not that which sets up the individual for a long term relationship.  If someone is setting up for a monogamous relationship, no shots are needed.  Abstinence is effective 100% of the time.  There are no failures.  There are no alternative risks.  There are better relational yields.  Mom demonstrated how it was done.  As a culture, why do we want to send that message, when destruction of Christian values is at stake?

At the root of this discussion, and all those involving morality issues, destruction of the original Christian values of this country is what is at stake.  Atheism, islam, etc all have Christianity targeted – howbeit for different reasons.  I don’t think a discussion of each is helpful, but just note that when one looks at the bigger picture of message and pushed agendas in movies, schools, and media, the battle against Christianity is there.  This is where you see it is all right to push “they all do it” in school, but abstinence is banned.  How about Halloween?  Compare the approach/acceptance with Christmas.   How about the symbol of a cross or the ten commandments – the philosophy under which our nation was founded?  Each is fought on the grounds of establishing religion without a real understanding of what “establishing religion” meant.  There is even an establishment of judges invoking sharia law which is antithetical to our own.  Talk about destruction.  They are adopting the legal structure of our stated enemies.  Behavior showing different sexual mores will come with those decisions as well.  I need to stop.

coverage of unemployment to magically include all of the unemployed, not just the active job seekers.  In other words, the economy will be announced to be terrible as of a month after the inauguration.  The magical numbers pulled out of the had for the past 8 years will disappear and the real numbers will take their place.  Zero will also be given a pass on the real numbers.  That is what I am anticipating.  Now, if government regulation is cut as well as taxes, those real numbers will cut on their own as well as energetic individuals take advantage of the opportunity to put their abilities to the test and trade their time and efforts for income.  (my thoughts) After, and only after a reduction in governmental regulation, there should be a reduction in the availability of welfare.  The hammock needs to have its strings cut.  Imagine a country of individuals taking care of themselves.  The instant argument will be thrown out about those who can’t care for themselves.  Well, who better than the locals know the difference?  It’s not a federal governmental issue.  The feds cannot come up with a system to tell who is stealing from the system and who legitimately needs assistance.  Only those locally have even the slightest chance of knowing the difference.  Notice that in ancient Israel, those with land were to leave dropped wheat and corners for the poor.  They were not to give the produce to the poor, they were to allow the poor to work and obtain sustenance.  There is the difference.  Since we are talking about a cultural issue here it is much more difficult.  The training of the population needs to be done.  That is how the Marxists have utilized the media and education to train the population away from our roots.  We need to do the same to return to our roots.   </ramble>

In every business there is a ranking.  There is a preference of jobs, care of equipment, romancing of potential clients.  I was given a clear recognition of my level on the corporate ladder.  It was the end of the day and the office manager passed by and provided me a bit of news.  She said that the awning was approved.  I was elated.  My doctor asked what was going on and I explained that when we were asked about capital improvements earlier in the year, it was raining.  I was getting quite soaked at the back door trying to get the thing open.  Therefore, I requested an awning.  Wow!  They actually listened to me.  I was quite blown away by the idea that I had proposed an awning and it was approved.  The manager then informed me that the actual reason they approved the awning was the electronic keypad had to be replaced because of the rain.  (blink, blink) I rank under a keypad.  Oh well, at least we get the awning.