In every business there is a ranking.  There is a preference of jobs, care of equipment, romancing of potential clients.  I was given a clear recognition of my level on the corporate ladder.  It was the end of the day and the office manager passed by and provided me a bit of news.  She said that the awning was approved.  I was elated.  My doctor asked what was going on and I explained that when we were asked about capital improvements earlier in the year, it was raining.  I was getting quite soaked at the back door trying to get the thing open.  Therefore, I requested an awning.  Wow!  They actually listened to me.  I was quite blown away by the idea that I had proposed an awning and it was approved.  The manager then informed me that the actual reason they approved the awning was the electronic keypad had to be replaced because of the rain.  (blink, blink) I rank under a keypad.  Oh well, at least we get the awning.