coverage of unemployment to magically include all of the unemployed, not just the active job seekers.  In other words, the economy will be announced to be terrible as of a month after the inauguration.  The magical numbers pulled out of the had for the past 8 years will disappear and the real numbers will take their place.  Zero will also be given a pass on the real numbers.  That is what I am anticipating.  Now, if government regulation is cut as well as taxes, those real numbers will cut on their own as well as energetic individuals take advantage of the opportunity to put their abilities to the test and trade their time and efforts for income.  (my thoughts) After, and only after a reduction in governmental regulation, there should be a reduction in the availability of welfare.  The hammock needs to have its strings cut.  Imagine a country of individuals taking care of themselves.  The instant argument will be thrown out about those who can’t care for themselves.  Well, who better than the locals know the difference?  It’s not a federal governmental issue.  The feds cannot come up with a system to tell who is stealing from the system and who legitimately needs assistance.  Only those locally have even the slightest chance of knowing the difference.  Notice that in ancient Israel, those with land were to leave dropped wheat and corners for the poor.  They were not to give the produce to the poor, they were to allow the poor to work and obtain sustenance.  There is the difference.  Since we are talking about a cultural issue here it is much more difficult.  The training of the population needs to be done.  That is how the Marxists have utilized the media and education to train the population away from our roots.  We need to do the same to return to our roots.   </ramble>