With a title like that, I should get some glances.  After we are a highly sexed culture.  It is everywhere: movies, advertisements, television, school.  The crew at work likes to play a rock station.  They played a bit of Christmas in between some of their rock songs and one of the songs played was “Mommy kissing Santa Clause.”  I noted how my mom hated that song.  After all, a married woman was not to be kissing another man.  The crew got a “kick” from that idea, but I backed up the mindset with experience.  I took my then girlfriend to visit and mom made sure there was another couple at church to house that girl as we “had no business sleeping under the same roof until we were married.”  You could see a little sense of implication hit them.  Yes, I believe I am the only one in the office to approach marriage as a virgin.  Granted, I am a bit older than the rest so the culture had not shifted as much when I was in school, but I did hear the “they are all going to do it, so better get them prepared” argument.  Let’s look at that for a moment.  I was a virgin at my wedding so not all of them are going to do it.  Further, I went into marriage with no risk of STD, no surprise child, no history of unfaithfulness.  How’s that for a starting point of marriage?

Let’s look at a lyric I hear rather frequently – “Take me home tonight. I don’t want to let you go until you see the light.”  What dedication is there?  Is there any commitment?  Is there any relational stability?  Let me propose this song is promoting each using the other.  That is the inverse of what is required for a relationship.  Period.  We have had patients in the office with over 50 sexual partners.  What is the possibility of them establishing a fulfilling relationship?  How about those who shack up with someone because after all, you need to get to know someone before marrying them?  Shacking up has a 40% higher divorce rate.  The reason is simple.  Those in that situation are in the mindset of how are you going to please me.  That sets the stage for the break-up.  Even if unspoken – the players are in place.

Speaking of players in place, a couple in the office are getting their children vaccinated with the HPV, and one has already had all three shots.  What is the purpose of this vaccine?   As of 2014 it blocks the 9 most prevalent viruses of HPV only.  The person is still open to any other STD’s.  It further sends the message of “I know you are going to do it, so here is protection.”  It’s not really protection.  It’s not that which sets up the individual for a long term relationship.  If someone is setting up for a monogamous relationship, no shots are needed.  Abstinence is effective 100% of the time.  There are no failures.  There are no alternative risks.  There are better relational yields.  Mom demonstrated how it was done.  As a culture, why do we want to send that message, when destruction of Christian values is at stake?

At the root of this discussion, and all those involving morality issues, destruction of the original Christian values of this country is what is at stake.  Atheism, islam, etc all have Christianity targeted – howbeit for different reasons.  I don’t think a discussion of each is helpful, but just note that when one looks at the bigger picture of message and pushed agendas in movies, schools, and media, the battle against Christianity is there.  This is where you see it is all right to push “they all do it” in school, but abstinence is banned.  How about Halloween?  Compare the approach/acceptance with Christmas.   How about the symbol of a cross or the ten commandments – the philosophy under which our nation was founded?  Each is fought on the grounds of establishing religion without a real understanding of what “establishing religion” meant.  There is even an establishment of judges invoking sharia law which is antithetical to our own.  Talk about destruction.  They are adopting the legal structure of our stated enemies.  Behavior showing different sexual mores will come with those decisions as well.  I need to stop.