I saw this article and noted a particular phrase which was accented though the thought just jumps out of the page on its own: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-12-28/california-man-arrested-charged-driving-under-influence-caffeine.

I keep watch for police types and call them “wolves.”  Spouseinbox asked about my description and I replied that they are on a hunt.  I try my best to not be the prey.  The bulk of traffic rules are simply excuses to raise funds via driving indiscretions.  Example: getting pulled over on the north side of a small town many moons ago.  When I went to get the ticket video, the girl at the store asked where and when I mentioned the town asked if it was by the cemetery.  That was the moment my stink meter pegged.  The girl then stated her relative was on the city council about a decade earlier when they decided to move the city boundaries out 1 mile in each direction.  That way, the driver believes they have left town and start back to highway speed.  The town gets the fine.  This scenario gets repeated ad infinitum and no one can convince me that there is a safety issue here.   It is purely a voluntary taxation.  The side effect is a population who are rather cynical about the traffic laws.  This story from California just adds to the cynicism.  We who pay the bills can see how the bureaucrats and elected officials are treated related to the laws they foist on the rest of us.  I have seen an occasional article on the “us vs them” mentality.  This is a bit of what encourages its existence.