2017 has welcomed us.  Church, this morning, was good.  Family present was nice.  Food was delicious.  On that last note, I tried something different for supper: meatballs in sauce with sliced green pepper.  The meatballs were premade and the sauce was simply 4 cubes of beef bullion thickened with corn starch and brought to a boil.  I added the meatballs next, and the green pepper last so it hopefully wouldn’t over cook.  All in all, I would do it again. It was rather easy to make, didn’t take too long, and was generally appreciated by all recipients.

As for the 20th, I can’t wait to get rid of the marxist, traitorous, self-absorbed, anti-American, pro-muslim piece of (choose your adjective and noun) in the White House.  The sooner the 20th comes, the better.  I’m afraid that 8 years of Donald Trump with both chambers of the legislative branch won’t be enough to right the destruction elicited by this man.  I’m not ignorant of the need to right the cultural decay constantly foisted on us by education, media, and entertainment.  That battle is much longer, especially considering how entrenched the left is.  So at this point in the year, I am willing to recognize that we had a good piece of news with the election of Trump, though not national salvation.  My hope is that we can slow the cultural cancer a bit.