I have not heard of a previous application, so can’t say for certain that this was the first, but personally, this is the first time I have heard “hate crime” applied to those with high amounts of melanin.  It’s amazing what lengths were stomped to obtain this recognition.  Reading this report only takes a few minutes.  Picture the treatment done for 24 hours.  It’s horrific when you try to imagine what is read being done over a long period of time.  Now note that this is level reached to apply that term to other than the white folks.  Incredible, and not in the good sense.  I’m sort of thinking of Jesus looking over Jerusalem in amazement.  How does a culture move from a location such as this?

I’m kind of a law and order type.  I only have 4 relatives and possibly a 5th in police or jail operations.  One phrase repeated is, “You know, all that’s needed is to obey the law.”  There is a secondary to that though.  It needs to be applied to those who write it.  I think that’s the present fatal flaw.  I can’t see things getting any better until those who make the law and those who enforce the law are held to the same standard of the law.  Once that happens, it becomes apparent that the law is what matters, not that the government has the best enforcement mechanism.  This reduces the government from the largest gang to an entity that’s part of the country.  Conceptually, it seems like an easy idea, though in practice I can’t see an easy way to get it implemented.