When you have this, and this how can one not view you as a sex object?  As much as the breasts have been associated with sex, they are actually production factories for the nourishment of the babies.  The vagina, however, is the domain of sex and the passageway for the baby resulting therefrom.  I wonder how many of these females dressing in this manner, would also yell about being viewed as a sex object.  Sorry, my little snowflake, we are just noting how you want to present yourself.  As much as the 50’s have been denigrated, the women then dressed in a feminine fashion, without the sexualization popular today.  As an easy example, how many snowflakes of character played beside the Duke?  Of all the movies I have watched, I can’t think of one.  Every one of them showed strong character, and very female.  For a reminder, watch True Grit.  Oh for the good old days.  At least we have some movies for the memory stimulation.  The young females growing up today have very poor examples of behavior to emulate.