I am missing my medial meniscus.  This is due to a tear from some activity I did which should not have been done.  Oh well.  The surgeon promised me a knee replacement and said that the surgery he did was only to buy me time.  How’s that for an encouraging follow-up office visit?  Anyways, I have been walking on the site for some time now and know the difference as I can’t jog or do impact activities any more as they cause pain.  With that in mind, I found an article of a surgery center a bit north of here.  In association with this, I have discovered that there is a MRI center a couple cities away with cash rates about 10% of what our hospital charges for a MRI.  I paid cash and received the same scan I would have received here for three times the price.   When money is an issue because of the deductible, I am directing customers to that location.  For those who want to cry foul and fuss about the hyperinflated prices, remember that the federal government mandated that hospitals provide services to anyone who needs them whether they can pay or not.  The hospital is a business and requires income to survive.  That income has to come from somewhere.