I contacted my representative using the form supplied on their website and submitted the following:

It has come to my attention that there is a simply worded bill presented in committee to do the job we have been wanting done.  It says to stop obammacare and return to what existed prior to that time.  Simple.  Effective.  I am requesting you, as my representative, support this bill.  I am aware of several bills being passed last year.  I believe the number was about 7.  They were show votes as the previous president was not going to sign such a piece of legislation.  Now we have a president who would sign and it’s time to send him a bill.  I have read this bill and fully support it.  I am asking others to contact their representatives as well.  The Republican presence was increased in the past elections for exactly this purpose.  We want intrusive government out of our lives.  We don’t want a substituted intrusion.  To illustrate: I don’t want to excise stomach cancer and replace it with liver cancer.  If a house is on fire, you extinguish the fire, you don’t replace the fire.  Thank you

Please contact your representative.  Use the zipcode box in the upper right corner.  There will be a couple of picture identify boxes to prove you have a pulse.