April 2017

I guess that could be written about most weeks, but the truck proved an interesting task.  It was sitting slightly low to the right and after observing this for a few days, I finally produced enough interest to look under the bed at the frame.  A sad sight greeted me.  The shackle which connects the leaf spring to the truck frame was broken in half and the bed of the truck was riding on the end of the spring.  I looked at a couple of youtubes on the subject and took a torch to the nut with a breaker bar and after a bit of effort, managed to get the bolt removed from the lower connection.  This went through a bracket riveted into the frame and was U shaped with the shackle fitting inside with the bolt running from the inside towards the outside of the truck.  The videos mentioned about half an hour going back and forth between a torch and impact wrench to get the bolt loose.  Mine just looked at me.  About 45 minutes into the work – also including an air hammer, the center broken piece rotated about 10 degrees.  That was the last movement I was able to get before yesterday.

After more discussion, it was posited that the rubber may be allowing cushion and a press would be needed to get the bolt removed.  A design was chosen and about three days were spent building a press to handle a 2 ton press and provide that force to the bolt.  After all the welding, cutting, and planning, the press was a failure.  The bolt looked at the press and asked, “is that it?”  It didn’t even flinch.  I got a bit perturbed at this point and spouseinbox and I went to the local welding store.  I asked if setting the amperage to about 150 would be enough to cut the shackle.  With an affirmative reply, spouseinbox and I returned to the project and spent the next half hour cutting through the shackle, removing the rubber – now burned – and finally getting down to the inner sleeve and bolt.  I put the press back on the bolt and heated it with the welder.  Again, and for the last time, it didn’t move.  The press went other places and the bolt was slowly removed by melting.  That worked.  The last piece was removed this afternoon with an angle grinder.  Wow.

The bolt through the leaf spring remained.  After the first one, I was thinking, “Oh, crap, here we go again.”  So, with truck braced on jacks and jack stand and leaf spring lowered, this bolt didn’t even get a chance as I started with the grinder and removed half of the nut, then twisted it off with a pipe wrench.  The remaining piece of the shackle was not as stubborn as the first and was removed with the pipe wrench and a hammer.  The pipe wrench was opened and placed between the spring and the truck frame allowing the hammer better effectiveness.

Installing the new shackle was not a problem.  There was just a bit of fussy getting the spring into position so that the wrenches could fit.  Other than that, the assembly went without an issue.  Count another project done.


Two types of the lettuce were from the garden, cut off the plants and rinsed in the sink.  I cut the leaves into pieces and divided into salad bowls.  While cutting up carrots, Spouseinbox noted the two caterpillars crawling in the sink.  I’m hoping there is not any extra protein remaining in the bowls…

I am flying  a different flag today.  (This is from the internet.  Mine is similar)  For those familiar with Texas history, today in 1836 was the decisive battle leading to Texas independence – the defeat of Antonio López de Santa Anna in present day Houston.  Information here.  Since there is an elementary school close to our house, I’m hoping some kids ask their teachers what that new flag down the street is.  Maybe a little history lesson may be disseminated.  Eventually, I’m thinking of placing one of those reader boards, like in a museum, along the sidewalk and have a simple explanation there for the curious.  Someone has to present real history, it might as well be me.

I saw this article and believe the end point made is the actual goal of the left.  We started a Christian nation and every vestige of that heritage has been under attack.  After all, if there are any rules conforming to what God intended, that’s anathema to these people.  How about we label this what it actually is, a religious war.  We are fighting for our beliefs and the left are fighting to destroy us.  Let me remind you that in one of the early renditions of obammacare, there was to be a separate defined dollar removed from every person for specific support of abortion.  The reason to include this was to tarnish the beliefs of Christians and any other who believed in the sanctity of life.

h/t knuckledragging

In my reply to our congress critter I noted the desire to have government out of my life.  Just leave me alone and I could manage my affairs.  I placed this in the context of the healthcare arena and found another article with a similar train of thought towards a portion of the culture:

Look, the Hard Right has no desire to fight in the streets. No sane person wants to live in a society where there is constant, realistic expectations of ongoing bloodshed. That is why we advocate the removal of undesirables. We do not want to kill anyone. We want them to simply go away. Go home. Go back where you came from. Just leave us alone. In fact, if there is an overarching theme to the Hard Right position, it is that we just want to be left alone to live our lives as we see fit.


Read the rest.

As an aside, note that I do desire execution of criminals.  That is not wanting to “kill anyone.”  That is proper punishment for crime.  There is a difference.  An unborn baby has not committed any crime.  The convicted criminal has.  Proper punishment is a true deterrent to crime.  It is also the proper payment for an action.  When one goes to work, there is an expectation of payment.  Crime has a similar payment schedule.  Depending on the payment, the actions will alter accordingly.  That payment schedule also has a cultural implication.  I think too long the socialists and anarchists have had free reign without proper payment for their actions.  When the payment schedule changes, things may get interesting until learning has occurred.

Many moons ago, I worked on a cancer ward.  I was a new nurse at the time and discovered that one learns phenomenally more on the floor, than the classroom ever provides.  That’s another topic.  Anyways, I was on third shift meaning we started at midnight and finished when everyone else was eating breakfast.  That made rush hour traffic nice, though.  The normal routine was to receive report, then travel around the ward obtaining vitals and checking on anything remaining from the previous shift.  This one particular night, we had a fellow who was DNR and near the end.  My partner and I moved this patient up in the bed and once vitals were finished, I had this impression that I was to go back to be there.  I held his hand and told him it was all right, I was there.  Movement became less and less and I noted a carotid pulse on the right side of the neck.  This slowed, and eventually stopped.  It is a moment I will never forget.  I’m glad I was there to be company at that time.  Well, being a nurse, I started my nursing duties and called for pronouncement and began the cleanup.  The doctor came, instructed me on the particulars of pronouncing someone, finished his duties, and left the body for me to complete care.  Calling hours aren’t the same for me now.  I see a body in a casket, and immediately think “3 rolls Kerlix”.  (Kerlix is a roll of 4″ loosely woven gauze)  Well, I was trying to be nice to the funeral director and used one of those Kerlix rolls to try and tie up the jaw and close the mouth.  After several wraps around the head, I was somewhat, but not completely successful.  At least the mouth was a bit more closed than previously.  I finished cleaning up the rest of the items in the room and told the charge nurse it was ready for family notification and morgue notification.  The nurse came back to me and said, “no.”  I gave a quizzical look.  After all, this wasn’t my first rodeo.  I knew the procedure.  The nurse continued, “You don’t want that to be the last picture the family sees.”  I walked back into the room, this time with aesthetics in mind.  Yes, there was Jacob Marley in the bed, only lacking the chains.  I removed the Kerlix until after the family left.

You used to have to know the weezle words and double intandras that were used to hide true intentions.  Apparently, that’s not needed any more.

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