I told this one at work yesterday and decided to share it here.  I don’t remember if I presented it before, so if you’ve heard it, read it again or just go have a nice day.

Grandpa was an ace a games.  He taught me to play chess, checkers, and dominoes.  I would go whining to mom about losing and she would ask if I had got a king (in checkers) and when I confirmed, say, “be glad.”  Grandpa was one who I never beat.  Not even once.  He would give me tips on how to play and keep wining anyways.  Long before I was even a thought, grandpa and grandma would play games.  He won against her as well.  She was a praying woman.  She took her losing to God and asked that just once could she win a game.  The next time they played, and I don’t know which game it was, every hand went her way.  She actually beat him.  Honesty was also a virtue and grandma admitted to grandpa that she had prayed about playing and wanting to win.  The next time they sat down for a game, grandpa stopped her and asked, “now am I playing against you, or am I playing against God?”