I guess life is just one little step after another.  That’s how it feels at times.  I have been after this project over a couple of weeks, and just have the unit assembled, mostly, and running.  What is this unit?  I have put together a sun powered water pump to run the irrigation in the garden. There is a 100 watt solar cell on the roof to power a battery and charging module which in turn provides power to the 12 volt water pump which has a pressure switch already installed.  That saved me another part.  Well, to keep the pump safe, a filter was needed.  I found one on line with a stainless steel filter allowing a long term usage of the part.  Next is the pump operating on 12 volts and having its own pressure switch to shut off about 50 psi.  When I first tried it, the pump was going on and off constantly as the garden is plumbed with drip tubing.  To keep the pump from continuously cycling, I added a pressure tank and a pressure regulator.  All these were mounted on a couple of legged stands and as I didn’t have enough hose to properly mount the filter, the assembled parts ended up looking like this:

sun powered pump

It’s not the neatest, but it does work, so I am pleased.  I still need to mount the solar cell and put the battery box in a more permanent position.  I’m thinking just under the eve where it will be out of the rain, but accessible.