We know they do it.  It’s about time some officials actually stood up for the law.  I cheer this display.  As memory serves me, there was a place in New York that had such a reputation, the travel assistance guides would direct people around the town.  They had a cop posted at one end of town, another at the other side of town, and if you were x seconds shy of their measured time, a ticket was yours.  This was purely a money grabbing scheme.  I guess that’s not to hard to consider from the first state to require a license plate.  (if it moves, tax it)

I’ve shared previously about a town here in Texas which moved their boundaries out one mile in each direction.  That way, the driver would be out of the town, speed up to highway speeds again and still be technically within the boundaries allowing a ticket.  I now maintain the mentality of: small town = speed trap, and cop = wolf.  I use the term “wolf” to remind myself that they are on the hunt.  Doing so, I believe, has saved many tickets over the years.