When I hear a leftist speak, I usually consider whatever comes out of the mouth a projection of what they are doing.  Rose law firm, land deals, etc were all presented as “everyone’s doing it.”  Except not every one was.  There is a telling sentence in this article which has a wonderful rational explanation of that observation:

The President’s critics very likely make this mistaken assumption because it’s the only way they could imagine themselves responding as he does.

Their normal response is the basis for considering how the president’s response is interpreted.  This is simply an extension of cultural applications.  There was a Korean girl in my first college.  She was newly moved from that country.  At the end of lunch, she pushed back from the table a little and let out an impressive belch.  The lunch room went silent.  In her experience, that was how you complimented the cook.  The cultural interpretation was not applicable in the different setting.  The compliment was there, but expressed in a manner not consistent with the new cultural setting.  In a similar fashion, the culture in which leftists immerse themselves presents itself in how they interpret the actions of others.  Their assumptions are simply products of their thought processes applied to a culture not their own.  So, I simply look at their statements as presentations of how they would behave in similar circumstances.