Let’s see, I:

rode a bike without a helmet.

went to the park by myself.

went swimming by myself.

went door to door sales by myself.

rode my bike along the access road of a freeway.

climbed most of the trees in the back yard.

drank out of a hose.

rode on top of the pews in the back of a truck – I was the ballast.

rode in the trunk of a car.

learned to drive on my uncle’s farm at 14.

worked in a shop with saws, drills, grinder, hand tools, torch, soldering gun.

hatched chicken eggs.

melted lead and made hanging weights.

made black powder and set it off in the back yard.

Learned to shoot a 22 with both sites and 4 power scope.

Somehow, I survived.  Somehow, I think our kids could do the same.