I found this article rather intriguing.  An excerpt:

After their armies had been defeated, their fleets sunk, their cities set aflame, and their home islands invaded, they launched the kamikaze bomber offensive, thereby committing a hi-tech form of hara-kiri, their usual remedy against intolerable shame. It is in this way that the modern Arab world resembles the Japan of World War II. In both cases it is not religions but psychic wounds, the wounds inflicted by defeat and evident inferiority, that inspire suicide bombers.

Also noted is the usage of women:

Arab men eradicate shame and bolster their shaky self-esteem by imposing the shameful qualities of the dhimmi, submission and passivity, upon women. Trailing a humbled woman behind them, Arab men can walk the walk of the true macho man.

Another observation:

Alternatively, it might be argued, that Islam takes root and grows best when it is in the toxic nutrients of Arab-shame/honor cultures.

I would ask if that has some impetus in the cultures of prison.

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***I was informed the link was missing.  Here is the missing information. While I was perusing the article again, I decided to add another quote:

While psychological health and self-esteem depend to some extent on overcoming shame and progressing to a level where taking responsibility for one’s actions and accepting that there is an objective truth out there that is not determined by other people’s opinions; both shame and guilt can be important reality checks to an individual–or to a culture.

I note the presence of the term “objective truth” and remembered that in the Bible, book of John, there is a sentence “the truth shall set you free.”  That refers to this objective truth, not the whim of a present culture or wish.  On another post, I note that there are leftists who go to the right side of the political aisle.  In every case, a recognition of truth and desire for it were the impetus.  When a group cannot stand for recognition of truth, you know where they are positioned.  This applies to groups whether cultural, religious, or political.