This is an older article I had left in my draft folder and decided to pull out this morning.

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Excerpt:  Flynn wasn’t just some target to show off for the deep state, he wasn’t just an example to everyone else.  Flynn represented a threat to them of the greatest caliber.  This wasn’t random.  Michael Flynn has character and knows as much as they do.  This made him their number one threat.

One wouldn’t get this level of observation by watching the MSP  (Main Stream Propagandists) alphabet word readers.  That’s why I like the blogs.

In keeping with the end of the article, I consider and actually believe that Trump has his closest confidants and the MSP don’t really know who they are.  At least I hold that as a hopeful comforting thought.  After all, if the MSP and deep state in this case, can control the inflow of information to Trump, that colors the possible replies he would make.  That makes it much more important for us to have Trump’s information come from other sources.  Population wise, can you think what would be the common mindset if the only information available was what was presented by the MSP?  That’s why I am so comfortable with the blogs.