Spouseinbox and I are having quite a summer.   I will skip most details, but tell you like I said at work yesterday – “I’m tying a knot and hanging on.”  Let me back up a bit.  There are two bits of information key to the story.  We work in Kairos prison ministry and I am in charge for this coming fall.  That being the case, it’s up to me to set all the meeting locations, times, and get ready the materials for the education of all volunteers.  I felt the need to add an additional short meeting to the front of the schedule, but only half a day.  Some fussed, but I held my ground as that is what I thought I was supposed to do.  This comes under one of those spiritual things, where you do something as you believe it needs to be done, but have very little to explain that impression.

Next issue is spouseinbox.  My lovely spouse is a cardiac surgery patient from decades ago.  Actually, it had been long enough that we decided to ask about a cardiac specialist to check the area and found one in Big City, Tx.  As specialists go, this one followed suit and requested a bunch of testing to better look at the areas in question.  This involved three trips to Big City to do all the testing requested.  As results returned, the reports were disseminated to the various other specialists according to what was found.  One item noted was a spot on the thyroid.  This was sent to the endocrinologist who wanted a visit.  Of course.  That visit was made and this time the endocrinologist stated he wanted a biopsy of the area.  This was scheduled and we went recently to that procedure.

As this is happening, we are fighting bed bugs in the house, bagging up every piece of cloth to be processed and still preparing for the coming Kairos meetings.  This seems to be like the nursing adage “everything only happens all at once.”  The first meeting for the Kairos was set for this Saturday.  I received a text from spouseinbox saying, “call me!!” and thought, “Oh crap.”  This was not a normal occurrence.  I went to the back window for better reception and to be left alone for a moment.  Spouse inbox said that the endocrinologist called and informed us we were looking at thyroid cancer and the recommended plan was thyroidectomy.  Ike.  Talk about having shakes and emotional state which is hard to describe.  I came away looking through an invisible parka hood.  You remember those from Alaska designed to keep ones face from freezing off?  I leaned on the nurse station and was lost for a bit in what had just been poured on us while other regular daily needs kept coming at their usual pace.

I have a great crew.  They allowed me a minute to start processing and then I tried to get back into the daily routine.  It wasn’t a usual day.  There was a professor many years ago showing two cervical cups utilized for contraception.  The professor asked why the difference in size and stated the larger one was for usage after birth.  “After certain events, there is no going back.”  As I had a moment, I called the surgeon who spouseinbox sees and told them to be ready for the information from the endocrinologist as we would need to schedule a visit.  Not too long later my desk phone rang.  It was the surgeon’s office.  They would definitely see spouseinbox and had an opening this Saturday at 1230.  You know, that is the time I had the meeting scheduled to end.

I started to realize the coincidences involved and let you know God is in charge.  The cancer was found “incidentally” by a scan for a completely different issue and will be checked on a date given by a doctor on the same day as our meetings set up three months ago on a time when we could be free.  It was also discovered in a small enough stage that the survivability odds are really good.  Amazing.  God is.