August 2017

The surgery is done.  The cancer is removed.  Spouseinbox stated that the doctor lied.  I was anticipating it, but tried not to say too much.  The presentation was sort of like this comic:

“You will be a little more sore than when they did the biopsy.” We were given Norco 7.5’s and morphine IV in the hospital room.  Yeaaaa, just a little more sore than post needle stick.  Now, I know how practitioners like to downplay the bad stuff.  We are trying to help expectations.  That strategy doesn’t really work with someone in the business.  That comic is so accurate.  Don’t think I don’t notice the preparatory medications either.   Just saying.

I had out my appendix many moons ago.  What I discovered was that lying was fine, standing was fine.  Going between them was horrible.  That said, I only took one pain medicine that first night.  That shot changed the way I give shots to this day.  I wasn’t even a nurse at the time.  Tell the patient they are going to be stuck.  I was waiting for the verbage and received a poke instead.  I jumped, looked at the nurse.  He gave an odd face, completed the injection and then told me I had just jumped off the needle and back on it again.  I got stuck twice for a single shot.  There’s nothing like personal experience to change one’s mind and approach.  That said, I decided the nurses were going to make me walk and I didn’t want to get out of bed any more than was necessary – as getting up was the worst – so I decided that I would walk out in front of the nurses station any time I had to get up for the bathroom.  It worked.  The nurses came and provided such compliments how I was energetic and walking wonderfully and they were happy with such progress.  I didn’t tell them I was just doing it so they would leave me alone.  Keep that in mind if you ever have to go to the big house.

Spouseinbox discovered that post surgery, standing was fine, lying was fine, going between them hurt.  That sounds so familiar.


Spouseinbox and I were having a discussion the other day.  Spouseinbox is facing surgery for cancer.  I am having my first meeting Friday about a broken wrist which will probably require surgery as well.  We were noting various issues – my knees were bad and spouseinbox’s feet were.  Other physical ailments were mentioned and we decided that if we placed all our good parts together, we could probably make a single good person.

I have long preferred old movies.  To me, they are just better.  My favorite is Marnie from 1964.  It is such a good movie – of course I’m a psych major and you spend most of the movie asking, “What is wrong with her?”  I guess that may be my bend in preference.  Anyways, I found an move critique which stated a similar feeling:

Picture quality is an issue when watch old B&W on our modern high def. equipment but I really don’t mind it’s the story and content that I love so much about this movie.

The old film makers didn’t have sophisticated equipment and graphics, so they made use of what they had – story and character.  I think that’s what makes them better.

I will admit my garden is in poor shape.  I am growing quite a good set of weeds.  Once my broken wrist gets fixed, I will be able to tackle it again.  As for now, (pause) I look and mourn.  I went out in the garden yesterday and enjoyed the fruit of my labor earlier this summer.  We like butternut squash and I had planted a set of seeds, set up a weed barrier, irrigation and let them be.  The result was enjoyed yesterday:


I peeled this, cut it up into small chunks, boiled it, mashed it and added margarine and a shake of salt.  Yum.  There are two more on the vine I noted, as well as one in the infancy stage.   There are also flowers here and there.  I’m thinking we will have a weekly butternut squash for most of a month.   🙂

1.)A Marines Letter To The NFL

I would say read it and turn off the sound.  The music was annoying.  The sentiments expressed were perfect.

2.)Just for fun.

3.) Imagine a government bureaucracy deciding to look into the inventory of your house and all they have to do is check the purchase spread sheet.  Imagine that every transaction you do is monitored by the government.  Neighborhood kid mows the lawn – monitored.  Buy something at a garage sale – monitored.  From that level, how long until monitored becomes controlled?  War on money.  An excerpt:

The real aim of the war on cash however was outlined in a Wall Street Journal OpEd by Harvard economist and former chief economist at the IMF, Kenneth Rogoff. Rogoff argues that there should be a drastic reduction in the Federal Reserve’s issuance of cash. He calls for all bills above the $10 bill to be removed from circulation, thereby forcing people and businesses to depend on digital or electronic payments solely. He repeats the bogus mantra that his plan would reduce money-laundering, thereby reduce crime while at the same time exposing tax cheats.

However the hidden agenda in this War on Cash is confiscation of our money in the next, inevitable banking crisis, whether in the EU member countries, the United States or developing countries like India.

4.) I note the interesting phrase so ignored, “…or anything that would at least indicate the belief that minorities can do for themselves with a bit of help.”  How racist is it to say that these people can’t do anything for themselves?  Isn’t that the unspoken line?  There are no slaves on this side of the Atlantic, unless you consider working people vs the IRS.  There are actual slaves on the other side though.  How many essays have been done on them?  There are no slaves here, or any reason for reparations.  If one considers the amount of welfare transferred from the working whites to the blacks, all has been paid and then some.  Since conditions are more deplorable than when it was started in the ’60’s, I want a refund and removal of this drain on my income.  I guess with that stated, the blacks could claim being unfairly treated if they held jobs and had income removed from them like the rest of us.  For those working blacks, kudos for using your talents in the marketplace and enduring cries of “uncle tom, ect.”  When I was in grade school, melting pot was taught.  This was the concept that people all over the world came here with their individual talents, which when used, benefited the rest of society.  That quieted for a few years, then multiculturalism emerged which touted everything but the American culture.  That has been rammed down children’s throats since then.  It’s past time to return to the time of melting pot and expectation that a person was expected to work and contribute their talents to themselves, their families, and ultimately then society.

I did a report on this submarine many decades ago.  It was quite interesting to see this report as I had heard that all the men in the sub were there just like they were during the attack.  The explanation makes sense.

Read this.

Just a snip:

May I remind said members of the press, politicians and others that their speech is often found offensive by someone, and that if they advocate for and promote this rank lawlessness and blatantly unconstitutional behavior they will have nobody but themselves to blame when, not if, the nation erupts into violence on a level not seen in America since the 1860s and their homes, businesses and entire cities are sacked by persons who are aggrieved by their mere speech.


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