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The United States Government is devolving from a government largely controlled by the population to a government bent on control of the population.

The government is operating in exactly the opposite of its foundation.  If a convention of states is empaneled, my advice would be to return to the roots of the foundation – repeal the 17th amendment and remove all the bureaucracies.  Return the government back to the people.  That means locally.  No more bowing to Washington in every aspect of your daily life.  For anyone who doubts that last statement, suggest to me any aspect of life not controlled by some regulation from Washington.  Turn on a light switch and tell me how many regulations are in place in that action – even to the bulb residing in the socket.  For those who say it will permit slavery, remember that it was the states who controlled the provisions of slavery and the federal government let it be.  Only those with land were able to vote.  How would that improve things now?  Imagine voting only going to the ones who were having money removed from themselves for the government.  Imagine half the population not being able to vote largess for themselves.  Horror.  Politicians would not be able to purchase votes with the forceably removed tax money of workers.  Picture this for a moment and then obtain a copy of the book, “God of the Machine.”