September 2017

Article here:  This one covers most of the basic thought points.  I don’t prefer it’s ending, but on the whole, it is good.  Some excerpts:

Good for him, you should never let your mouth write a check your backside isn’t willing to cash. But it is not racism that he can’t get a job; it is due diligence on the part of potential employers.

The Constitution guarantees your right to voice your opinion but it doesn’t shield you from the repercussions of voicing your opinion.  [actually, there should always be results from one’s actions – that is the best teacher]

But don’t you dare look at me and think you are anything special because you take the very fashionable stance of disparaging this nation. [it’s sad that it can be described as “fashionable” to disparage the nation which provides us so much opportunity]



Everyone likes to save money – excepting congress – including business.  I work for one that likes the bottom line.  This one likes the bottom line so much that we are ‘offered’ an insurance price break if we line up, get weighed, measured and blood drawn each year.  They really are checking BMI, diabetes, and metabolic issues which would raise the cost to the insurance company.  At our end of the negotiation, you either get in line, or pay a significant increase in the insurance cost out of pocket.  Yes, there is incentive.  Over half a month’s pay worth each year.  Well, I showed up the first day of this set-up and obtained my place in line.  There were a few ahead, one with a spouse and kid and the line grew behind me down the sidewalk.  That paycheck worth was quite a bit of incentive.  Well, we went into the door by the elevators and signed into the procedure.  Permission was granted to receive our labs in the mail and we took turns waiting for the vertical movement box.  This box usually is a well moving device saving riders many steps.  I was on one in Japan that even advertised a vertical ascent of 20 miles per hour.  This one changed the metrics quite a bit.  We eventually arrived at the floor.  It was still morning too – quite a plus.  Remember me saying our business liked to save the bottom line?  Caring for employees falls into that category.  After all, we are expensive to maintain.  Therefore, our health must be taken at full value – by providing incentive to go through this charade and be served by the best nursing students the local college can spare.  Yes, we are the guinea pigs trainers practice that these students get to experience.  I signed the permission to receive a flu shot, turned left, and immediately three hands shot up towards the ceiling.  “You can come here!”  I, of course, commented “that’s way too much enthusiasm.”  I will have to grant that the student did all right.  It was located a bit higher than I like to place them, but the pain level was really low, so kudos.  The observing RN signed the form, and I moved to the next station.  (I was going to skip the last detail, but why not – a gloved finger had to be placed post the removal of the needle as the student forgot to get the bandaid ready.  Not an uncommon mistake.  I wouldn’t remove points, just do what the RN did – and instruct to place pressure and apply the bandage.)  (I was in that position once too.  I haven’t forgotten.)

This station had all of the reassuring red top tubes lined like troops in their boxes.  One was selected and the label applied and this nurse (as I call myself in charting) received some assurance that the one placing the needle this time had a badge labeled “phlebotomy.”  Yea! the sign of experience.  This station was passed without incident and I moved to the next room.  The next room was a regular exam room containing an off the shelf blood pressure unit and a scale.  Understand this blood pressure unit can be bought at the local big box store for under $40.  Remember what I noted about our business caring so well for the employees?  Nothing put to chance.  I stood on the scale next and was announced 2″ taller than I have ever been in my life.  Shoes can do that to a person.  Considering this was a prime metric of my BMI, not a protest was expressed.  I further noted that my weight was within 1 pound of where I was last year.  I do believe that is called “stable”.  Well, done for another 365 days until we play this game again.  I have to remember these shoes next year…

Lone Ranger and Superman and Batman shows of years gone by (ignore the new ones) each tried to establish the law as the ultimate desire of a civilized society.  Everyone was equal in the eyes of the law and justice would be done.  That was then.  When OJ walked, and no charges have been filed against Hildabeast, John Kerry was not charged with treason and lying to congress and Jane Fonda was not charged with treason, it is readily apparent that justice isn’t at work in this country any more.  Also, consider other stories like the man who slammed on his brakes, tried to lecture the young teen – now has to file for life as a sex offender.   (note the first comment)  It’s becoming readily apparent that true justice isn’t being done.  The desire for “civilized” society will only be met if the government appropriately does its job – which it has spectacularly not been doing.  The result is that this society will revert to where we were before the push for “justice”.  Read here.   (Not for the squeamish of imagination)

Interesting pairing of the locations of violence with Hillary wins.  I used to work in a mental health facility.  I had a clinic room and would treat and provide medications to the residents.  A visitor came and described another facility at which he worked.  The clinic room had three cinder-block walls and one with drywall.  The residents would come in, start to “go off” and head to punch the wall.  They would survey the cinder-block and then go to the drywall and punch there.  The visitor’s assessment was “they are crazy, not stupid.”  These protestors are in a similar vein.  They are performing in a “safe neighborhood.”  Maybe the conservatives should consider the voting patterns of an area before scheduling a speech.

This link describes poor policy executed.  I have no more words at this point.  Excerpt:

Furthermore, for historical and cultural reasons, Russians are much more concerned by the initiation of any incident which could lead to all-out war than the Americans who always fight their wars in somebody else’s country. This might seem paradoxical, but the Russians fear war but they are ready for it. In contrast to the Russians, the Americans don’t fear war, but neither are they ready for it.

This analysis really describes the cesspool in Washington.  If we want the swamp drained, this gives a good starting point that no one wants to touch.  I’m going farther and will say that the entire system is fighting against correcting this behavior.  The last sentence says it well.  This is Orwell’s 1984 performed on a candidate during an election.  If not stopped, it will engulf all of us.

Here is something we intuitively knew.

Here is a troubling read – because those of us with a few years and experience know the reality of what has been happening.  Seeing it condensed in this fashion is quite a shock.

Good idea for your neighborhood government

Positive idea for America.  Well, stink, it’s like Donald meant what he said.  It’s been so long since this has happened, I think most have forgotten what it felt like.

Why should this group get a penny of our money rather than a one way ticket to whatever (adjective applied here) hole they desire.  How about we send them once and for all to Pakistan with a never return card.  South Africa may be another possibility for their talents.   I would even accept Libya.


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