October 2017


I like the idea of sunset regulations.  How about sunset bureaucracies?  In coordination with that idea, I would suggest that we eliminate any retirement associated with bureaucratic institutions or elected positions.  Any retirement needs to come from the private sector.  Period.  The only exception I would me here is for the military as they are actually putting their lives on the line for the rest of the country.  That act needs to be compensated.  Bureaucrats aren’t placing their lives on the line, at all, any time.  Ditto for elected officials who vote for themselves golden parachutes and exemptions from every regulation they foist on the rest of us.  All of those actions show a mentality of “we’re not you.”  Removing those trappings can only help.


This would be me: Just can’t do it.  He’s close to the ground.  That’s safer.  I would break something.

Having been in waiting rooms with the TV spewing CNN or MSNBC, I can so relate.

I understand that fully immersed units have a great discount…

The politics of subterfuge.  How do you get what you want and deny receiving it?  The more of this stuff I read, the more amazing the election of Donald Trump becomes.  He rose above how many challengers, how many of his own party, how much media, and a cast of characters trying to make life politics miserable for him.  Remember that he didn’t have to do this.  He is well set up in any part of the globe for comfort and enjoyment.  He is doing this for love of this country.  The GDP is responding accordingly.  Now we just need the remaining few fans of the NFL to find another pass-time that honors the country rather than spreads political propaganda.  Imagine if the large cities didn’t have the drain of billion dollar stadiums on their budgets.  That may make more money available for *gasp* something else that needs it.

We were eating supper with kidinbox and company last night.  It was recounted that they had gone to the local dollar store – that is, where everything is a dollar, and found Hillary’s book there.  It’s nice to hear how popular it is.  Personally, I wouldn’t crack the cover if it was free.

Speaking of skill, here is a trumpet heading to the stratosphere:

I found this interesting article.  Excerpt:

Intolerance masquerades as forbearance, proclaiming an open-mindedness that is reserved only for those who conform to ideologically acceptable standards of cultural elites.

It has been my observation that over the last few decades, differences have been pushed as the defining elements of an individual.  People have been labeled and those labels utilized to force a tribalism into this culture.  No more is the rule of law paramount.  The color of skin, bedroom activity, physical or mental disability, shape of one’s nose, etc become the focus and that rule of law which combined the culture is being removed.  In its place is a tribalism more defining of those of original islam.  The goal of those pushing tribalism is to lock people into a group an then force the group to do “x”.  It is the human equivalent of setting up a survey with only discrete possibilities available as reply.  That removes the individual humanity which so long flourished on this continent.  One’s actions are no longer that which is defining.  Those characteristics over which she has no control are the ones celebrated.  I prefer how it used to be, warts, statues and all.