November 2017

I have wondered a time or two why the government is designed the way it is.  That is, not as the Constitution says, but with bureaucracies desire.  After all, if all the congress critters decided, the agencies would disappear.  This article explains it.  It even expresses the possibility that congress critters are set up with some seductive female for the express purpose of having that interaction in reserve in case the congress critter strays off the reservation.  Incredible.  It makes sense, of course, in a sordid way, though.
This keeps the bureaucracies in full control of those theoretically under whom they operate.  This means that the real power has no oversight and no recourse by the voter.  Definitely not the government bequeathed to us by our founders.


I found a Thanksgiving post from Victor Davis Hanson.  He had an interesting thought in there which matched something I had read from a book a long time ago.  “Rather, as one follows the trajectory of my generation, whose members are now in their sixties and seventies, it is difficult not to conclude that we were contemplative and critical mostly because we could be — our mindset being the product of a far safer, more prosperous, and leisured society that did not face the existential challenges of those who bequeathed such bounty to us.”  What the book mentioned was that socialism can only exist in a time of prosperity.  There has to be enough extra supplies that missing some doesn’t put existence at risk.  In times of scarcity, one makes decisions based on the best information at hand as being incorrect carries a higher penalty.  The generation of world war two had been through the depression and had practiced getting by on what was available and making it work.  Can you imagine the current generation handling lack of electricity?

This is a national religious holiday with a long history.  As a way of remembering, here are links to history, proclamation and establishment.  Thanks to God is noted in each rendition.  We thank Him as well.  We have come thus far through this year with an incredible number of challenges and recognize God’s blessings through them all.

When Colorado legalized pot a few years back, I was wondering the number of car accidents which would be realized.  After all, the effect of THC on the mind doesn’t make one more alert to the surrounds.  As a former coworker told me, “it makes everything funny.  They could say my grandmother died and I would think that was funny.”  That much alteration of consciousness in charge of a motor vehicle?  There had to be an effect.  I found a hint this morning.  The article doesn’t even touch on the statistic.  It only mentions it in a pull piece, but double the number of vehicle fatalities does seem significant to me.

I found something intriguing in each of them.  There is no common thread except I placed them all on this page.  Enjoy…so to speak.

The last comment (when I was reading) has some truth as well.

I saw a great poster with a photo of Sam Elliot, dressed as a cowboy. He (supposedly) said, “When you are dead, you don’t know you are dead. All of the pain is felt by others.

The same thing happens when you are stupid.”

The effect of modern education is seen in, for example, how one receives change at the register.  The kids there are taught not to think, and when presented with something different – like a few extra cents so I may receive a quarter change, they can’t mentally handle the information.  The mind is instructed to not work.  That’s really sad and also probably the main reason democrat politics based on race, ethnicity, feelings, etc, rather than factual analysis gets so much play.  If the population was actually educated to analyze and think, little that they desire would be able to be passed.

Here is the link.

One of my jobs is to call insurance companies and provide information for a Prior Authorization.  This is done to prove to the insurance company that the medication or treatment is necessary.  There have been times I have spoke with someone who was obviously reading from a script and had no clue what the actual terminology was.  As long as I said a word that matched something in the column, we could have approval, if the actual diagnosis was a shade different, we were disapproved, or at best put on a review list for a pharmacist or doctor to review.  With the latter in mind, read this.  From my experience, I have not the slightest doubt as to the truth of the information.  After all, I am one of those on the back end of this snake getting drug through the weeds.  All the while, the patient in need of treatment, gets to sit home and wonder if she/he has been forgotten, while the ailment continues.  I have been on the back end of many of those phone calls as well.

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