January 2018

I found an excerpt from a speech which has an excellent description of what is happening.  Just as an aside, I have an acquaintance who delivers mail.  This individual stated there was a clear communist on the route, who when finished with schooling, went to Austin.  The communists know what they’re about.  To hearken back to a frequently used sentence: if the best man won’t govern, he will be governed by someone lesser than himself, or in our case, the communists and socialists, and SJW’s.  While we’re busy taking care of ourselves and our families, they are busy setting up control of the country.  The three biggest mechanisms under the thumb are; media, entertainment, and education, with the last being the most damaging.  Now for the excerpt:

A professional government is going to have to stamp out freedom sooner or later. Freedom under a professional government can only be a fiction. Whenever the people disagree with the professionals, they’re going to have to get put down. That’s just how it is. No matter how it’s disguised, a professional government is tyranny



We had kidinbox over for the weekend.  The request was to see Jumanji.  I am leery of sequels.  There are very few I like.  I also note, Walt Disney corp used to be a family friendly organization and one could trust the content.  Now the corporation is the exact opposite.  Let me describe the good of the movie first.  The story was similar to the former with a time lapse character and the bulk of the play being persons lost in the game.  The characters in the game were humorous and contrasted with the teenage characters from the start of the movie.  Comments related to the contrast between the original characters and the game characters kept chuckles going for a period of time.

The contrast is now taken to a new extreme when you have a teenage girl supposedly existing in the body of a middle age overweight man.  This concept is taken to a new level of penis humor I have never seen in a movie.  Yes, the jokes about the man’s appendage are thick in the middle of the flick.  “And remember to aim,” was repeated several times as the characters were instructing the middle aged man how to perform with the new appendage.

Not to be left out of the mix, Disney introduces a homosexual kissing into this with the cover of CPR.  There was no actual CPR going on as all the presentation of that cover was absolutely incorrect.  Completely.  Disney is pushing an agenda.

If only we had officials who followed their proposed assignments, prosecutions would occur and loss of precious tax breaks as well.  As it is, I’m afraid they are more fearful for their skins if crossing the beast.  Arkancided is now a term.

Good summation showing how Watergate was a finger in the pond by comparison.  I remember G. Gordon Liddy talking about the subject.  He was there, you remember.  The FBI obtained 250 some odd tapes of a prostitution ring being run out of the Democrat office at Watergate.  There were two break-ins – one to place the camera and one to remove it.  It was the second which caught attention.  Understand, the Watergate issue was based on a real lawlessness conducted from the Democrat party office.  The FBI was doing its job and investigating.  That’s a world removed from this story.

I just liked a bunch of these.

They say the winner gets to write the story.

Christians were right about sexuality.

Brought to you without a side thought dressing, or condiment comments.

I have previously heard the story and listening to this video elicited a wonderful smile.  Enjoy.

I don’t believe there is any coincidence with these people.  I’m betting they even filed for insurance coverage for the damage.  That being said, what was presented only made a single time-line assertion.  I’m wondering if there are any other investigations for which this response could have been associated.  I would be happy to later know that there was an investigation taking on the real corruption of this family.  One broadcast now probably has little help to the situation.

Could have been filmed yesterday.

Now it’s time to prosecute all the government officials complicit in their attempts to remove this rancher’s rights and property.  Lack of punishment is experienced as permission.  It’s past time, extremely past time to administer justice to government types.

The warthog is quite a machine.  I heard how it was being scrapped without any clear announced replacement.  I found a video discussing the plane and its use on target.  It’s worth watching this one.

This snippet describes so much with so few words.

Speaking of force, how about adding lying, hiding evidence, and sending snipers against citizens.  All in a day’s work when you deal with the government, I guess.

We are helping our British associates in the foreign fight against insurgents.  As a commenter noted it would be good if they would fight at home.  Home is being lost while they are doing actual battle elsewhere.

This looks good.  It has occurred to me that placing back the cream makes this milk like the cow’s milk.  Interesting.

I could not make it through the video.  Here is insanity on display.  Don’t waste a penny of education dollars here and advocate removal of the waste of public money here as well.  Is there any chance the kids shown could hold down a real job?  How do they expect to handle a workplace that’s less than ideal – which means actually real?

Intriguing thought.  Note that it is Christian ideals and ideas which get maligned.  “Tolerance” is applied only to Christians.  For some reason, others aren’t asked to “tolerate” us.  Ask the bakery recently charged out of existence for acting according to their values.  How many bakeries in that area would have been willing to bake the cake?  Their actions show that this was not about wanting a cake, this was about punishing Christians for their beliefs.  The government is now complicit in that punishment.

Department of preaging.

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