As you could probably tell from the previous post, I went momma bear on that story.  After some reflection, I came to a realization that was much more troubling.  Let me start with Batman.  I like old movies and believe they still hold the best characters and story lines.  Batman would receive a call from the commissioner that there was a bad guy needing apprehension.  Task done, the bad guy would see vertical grey lines in his future.  This was a quiet storyline in each of the tales.  Batman would do his best to meet the challenge, and the bad guy would see bars.  The same was in the radio show of the Lone Ranger.  He was a bit more explicit though.  The Lone Ranger stated his purpose was to help law enforcement establish the law.  Superman also delivered the bad guy to jail.  It was quite a break with tradition to have the bad guy in the movie die.  That happened in the ’80’s.  I noted the difference then.  For decades, the quiet push was to have law enforcement establish the law and everyone was bound by that law.  Order was known to exist when everyone was abiding by the law.

What happened prior to the proliferation of lawmen?  How were people to protect themselves?  We had the second amendment.  It isn’t a hunting clause.  It is a self-protection recognition.  It has been noted to apply to protection against government and is properly know to exist in that realm.  It is also to exist in the realm of self-protection.  The individual was charged with ability to protect him or herself.  After all, there were no police to assist.  There was no 50 minute for response to a call.  There was no place to call except oneself and maybe a neighbor.

Once it is known that the law will not be protected or enforced by the government, why should anyone trust in either?  This concept removes the decades of learning to rely on application of the law and instructs the citizen that justice is only found if done by oneself.  If that concept reverberates through society, the action by this judge will have much grander results than anyone can vision.  Note, I do not use the term “grander” in the positive sense of a Paramount Picture, but in the scale term it generates.  If one captures a parasite in the act of evil and pins them to the ground, what now will be their consideration?  Hold them for a justice system that will not provide any due course for their actions, let them go to keep practicing evil, or administer vigilante justice on the spot.  With the previously noted action, this judge has tilted the scales towards one of those above options.   What is left for wonder is if this concept and potential for chaos was at the root of the decision.

The liberals can cry and scream all they like, but the fact of the matter is that most refugees come from Islamic countries, where women are treated like property, and in some cases have even less rights than animals.

So, when they come here, it’s no surprise that they treat our women with absolute contempt.

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It used to be the concept that one came to the United States to become part of our culture.  That is no longer the fact.  We are the body on which the parasites feed.  Once all has been consumed, we will be no more.  It’s time we start calling the parasites what they are and stop feeding them or letting them on our shores.  The judge which aides and abeds this kind of behavior needs to be removed, at the least, or provided the apt punishment removed from the perpetrators.  If all cultures are equal, which they aren’t, that means ours is just as valid as the squalor from which the parasites come.  I am an American and am proud of that fact and note that we as a country, originally founded, produced the greatest gains for humanity ever dreamed.  We need judges who respect our culture and protect our innocent.  Period.

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The United States Government is devolving from a government largely controlled by the population to a government bent on control of the population.

The government is operating in exactly the opposite of its foundation.  If a convention of states is empaneled, my advice would be to return to the roots of the foundation – repeal the 17th amendment and remove all the bureaucracies.  Return the government back to the people.  That means locally.  No more bowing to Washington in every aspect of your daily life.  For anyone who doubts that last statement, suggest to me any aspect of life not controlled by some regulation from Washington.  Turn on a light switch and tell me how many regulations are in place in that action – even to the bulb residing in the socket.  For those who say it will permit slavery, remember that it was the states who controlled the provisions of slavery and the federal government let it be.  Only those with land were able to vote.  How would that improve things now?  Imagine voting only going to the ones who were having money removed from themselves for the government.  Imagine half the population not being able to vote largess for themselves.  Horror.  Politicians would not be able to purchase votes with the forceably removed tax money of workers.  Picture this for a moment and then obtain a copy of the book, “God of the Machine.”

a certain fact presents itself.  A person from the left side of the political spectrum starts to notice something “odd” and seeks the truth.  That person on accepting the truth moves to the right side of the political spectrum.  “The truth shall set you free.”  I have yet to read the opposite scenario.  There is one not as nice observation, though.  It is only those who seek the truth and are willing to change their ideas accordingly who make that move.  That said, it’s not enough to simply present the truth and expect that political crowd to accept the truth.  The sewer in which they swim is “normal” to their approaches and any fresh water applied would be considered weird and shunned unless, like this individual, truth was sought and accepted.  That is the area of political battle in which the right has participated so poorly.  I have the feeling that we believe that the truth is so easy to grasp and such a freeing concept, it would be ludicrous to not accept, and further we have more important things to do, like taking care of our families and earning a living.  Therefore, those who have no problem enslaving another are those who have managed to entrench themselves in school, media, and government where and toxins are freely spread to the population.  Some cesspools are move obvious than others.  Name off the cities and blame of poverty, etc comes to the forefront.  Philosophically speaking, those cesspools are the making of that mindset over time and its fulfillment.  They are the end product.

The article had a really good point on the mindset which I will enter here:

But for the average Leftist, their sense of self is fundamentally tied to their belief they are a good person because they believe certain things. That belief system is constantly reinforced by their peers and their enemedia intake. Force them to confront a belief founded on flawed information, their very personalities are threatened as you are undermining their view of themselves as “good people”.

He further describes the risks of the leftist confronted with truth and I recommend reading the whole thing.

Let’s see, I:

rode a bike without a helmet.

went to the park by myself.

went swimming by myself.

went door to door sales by myself.

rode my bike along the access road of a freeway.

climbed most of the trees in the back yard.

drank out of a hose.

rode on top of the pews in the back of a truck – I was the ballast.

rode in the trunk of a car.

learned to drive on my uncle’s farm at 14.

worked in a shop with saws, drills, grinder, hand tools, torch, soldering gun.

hatched chicken eggs.

melted lead and made hanging weights.

made black powder and set it off in the back yard.

Learned to shoot a 22 with both sites and 4 power scope.

Somehow, I survived.  Somehow, I think our kids could do the same.

I found this article rather intriguing.  An excerpt:

After their armies had been defeated, their fleets sunk, their cities set aflame, and their home islands invaded, they launched the kamikaze bomber offensive, thereby committing a hi-tech form of hara-kiri, their usual remedy against intolerable shame. It is in this way that the modern Arab world resembles the Japan of World War II. In both cases it is not religions but psychic wounds, the wounds inflicted by defeat and evident inferiority, that inspire suicide bombers.

Also noted is the usage of women:

Arab men eradicate shame and bolster their shaky self-esteem by imposing the shameful qualities of the dhimmi, submission and passivity, upon women. Trailing a humbled woman behind them, Arab men can walk the walk of the true macho man.

Another observation:

Alternatively, it might be argued, that Islam takes root and grows best when it is in the toxic nutrients of Arab-shame/honor cultures.

I would ask if that has some impetus in the cultures of prison.

Read the rest.

***I was informed the link was missing.  Here is the missing information. While I was perusing the article again, I decided to add another quote:

While psychological health and self-esteem depend to some extent on overcoming shame and progressing to a level where taking responsibility for one’s actions and accepting that there is an objective truth out there that is not determined by other people’s opinions; both shame and guilt can be important reality checks to an individual–or to a culture.

I note the presence of the term “objective truth” and remembered that in the Bible, book of John, there is a sentence “the truth shall set you free.”  That refers to this objective truth, not the whim of a present culture or wish.  On another post, I note that there are leftists who go to the right side of the political aisle.  In every case, a recognition of truth and desire for it were the impetus.  When a group cannot stand for recognition of truth, you know where they are positioned.  This applies to groups whether cultural, religious, or political.

When I saw the title of this video, I was thinking about the lack of number memory people now have for phone numbers and other such activities.  The points made are well to consider and give more credence to the couple (of whom I read a couple years ago) who decided to raise their kids at the same level of technology when they were raised.  If we follow that now, our kids would have to look at road signs for the letters of the alphabet and play memory games of “I’m thinking of something in the Bible” where the rest have to use clues to figure out the target thought.  Actually, that game is much more interactive socially and mentally than any Facebook game I have seen.

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