I saw this article and believe the end point made is the actual goal of the left.  We started a Christian nation and every vestige of that heritage has been under attack.  After all, if there are any rules conforming to what God intended, that’s anathema to these people.  How about we label this what it actually is, a religious war.  We are fighting for our beliefs and the left are fighting to destroy us.  Let me remind you that in one of the early renditions of obammacare, there was to be a separate defined dollar removed from every person for specific support of abortion.  The reason to include this was to tarnish the beliefs of Christians and any other who believed in the sanctity of life.

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In my reply to our congress critter I noted the desire to have government out of my life.  Just leave me alone and I could manage my affairs.  I placed this in the context of the healthcare arena and found another article with a similar train of thought towards a portion of the culture:

Look, the Hard Right has no desire to fight in the streets. No sane person wants to live in a society where there is constant, realistic expectations of ongoing bloodshed. That is why we advocate the removal of undesirables. We do not want to kill anyone. We want them to simply go away. Go home. Go back where you came from. Just leave us alone. In fact, if there is an overarching theme to the Hard Right position, it is that we just want to be left alone to live our lives as we see fit.


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As an aside, note that I do desire execution of criminals.  That is not wanting to “kill anyone.”  That is proper punishment for crime.  There is a difference.  An unborn baby has not committed any crime.  The convicted criminal has.  Proper punishment is a true deterrent to crime.  It is also the proper payment for an action.  When one goes to work, there is an expectation of payment.  Crime has a similar payment schedule.  Depending on the payment, the actions will alter accordingly.  That payment schedule also has a cultural implication.  I think too long the socialists and anarchists have had free reign without proper payment for their actions.  When the payment schedule changes, things may get interesting until learning has occurred.

There was a guy I had met many years back who joked about being on a job site and having half the crew scatter like rabbits – including jumping the fences when the green and white car turned the corner.

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In my Bible reading, I am going through 2 Chronicles presently.  There was a decent king named Jehoshaphat in chapter 19 who set up judges through Israel  and charged them, “And said to the judges, Take heed what ye do: for ye judge not for man, but for the Lord, who is with you in the judgement.  Wherefore now let the fear of the Lord be upon you; take heed and do it: for there is no iniquity with the Lord our God, nor respect of persons, nor taking of gifts.”  What struck me was the very last phrase of this.  While the judges were placed in position with authority to pass judgement on the people of Israel, they had to be reminded that they were in the position of God and not allow themselves to be bribed.  Somehow I see this admonition as a bit higher than our present appeal to the law.  This one was an appeal to judgement of God.  We presently view the law as the utmost authority in this country – when it is followed, and recognize that the law can be changed by actions of the legislature.  The appeal here is to the One for whom no change is possible, and truth is absolute.  For Jehoshaphat to charge them this way tells me that bribery was present 4000 years ago.

political correctness

Don’t forget that the origin of this was Marxism where by manipulating that which was allowed to be spoken, it was believed that one could control the population’s thoughts and make them politically correct.  It’s not only dishonesty, it is attempted thought control.

Some time ago, I noted how the growth of pendulous chest area was a normal physiological response to presence of hormones.  That is called gynecomastia in men and breasts in women.  Gynecomastia in a man doesn’t change him into a woman.  It’s just the natural growth of that area of anatomy.  The cells haven’t changed.  Now we have this.  I know it seems to obvious, but for this crew an explanation must be in order.  Junior was a cute movie, comedy of sorts, and fantasy of thought.  I actually enjoyed watching Arnold go through all of the symptoms a pregnant woman experiences.  However, a uterus is required to be pregnant.  Period.  There is only one sex sporting a uterus – the woman.  Period.  When a woman is pregnant, she is called a mother.  Period.  Words mean things.  Pretending they don’t is to associate with the mental illness present.  I’m done with this.

When you have this, and this how can one not view you as a sex object?  As much as the breasts have been associated with sex, they are actually production factories for the nourishment of the babies.  The vagina, however, is the domain of sex and the passageway for the baby resulting therefrom.  I wonder how many of these females dressing in this manner, would also yell about being viewed as a sex object.  Sorry, my little snowflake, we are just noting how you want to present yourself.  As much as the 50’s have been denigrated, the women then dressed in a feminine fashion, without the sexualization popular today.  As an easy example, how many snowflakes of character played beside the Duke?  Of all the movies I have watched, I can’t think of one.  Every one of them showed strong character, and very female.  For a reminder, watch True Grit.  Oh for the good old days.  At least we have some movies for the memory stimulation.  The young females growing up today have very poor examples of behavior to emulate.

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