When you go to the medication closet and the keys are in the lock.

(Note 1:55)


I was pondering that there are a couple ways to make money.  Actually four in practice.  One is with your mind.  One is with your body.  Another is stealing from someone else, and the last is investing – slightly related to the mind listed earlier.  The tendency is for those who use their mind to have higher incomes than those who use their bodies.   Medically speaking, those who make decisions make more than those who do the basic labor, excepting surgery and the like, of course.  Those in management make much more than those who are on the factory floor, even though those in management would be hard pressed to do the work which actually goes out the door into the sales arena.  As for theft, there is legal and illegal.  The illegal theft is simple.  The thief removes that of value from the owner.  There should be a punishment for this kind of act.  The hidden one is legal theft.  This is that which is removed from the owner by government and given for nefarious purposes and no retribution will ever result as the agent is the government itself.  This act is covered by the term “tax,” or in some cases “fees.”  The result is the same – removal of value from the owners.

Fitful sleep – that is the individual being efficient on the time usage and combining sleep with aerobic exercise.  Efficient for the sleeper, rough on the other individual in the bed.

I have kidinbox who is going to graduate from a university near us. In preparation for this event, kidinbox was getting the information needed for the new designation of graduate – “what is alumni?” I defined this term as appropriately as possible, “That is the term applied to those graduating from an institution allowing that institution the privilege of harassing you perpetually for donations.”

The combination of a liar and an idiot. Washington is full of these.

I have been thinking about the meaning of the American Dream realizing that the definition has been rewritten to something encompassing “Reynolds Law.” It’s time to rewrite it to a more realistic definition. I have previously proposed “being paid for one’s work,” but that doesn’t take into account the graft and falsehood perpetrated by groups like the unions that exist for the sole purpose of gaining greater than market wages. With that in mind, my latest proposal is: “being paid a market wage for one’s work.”

The act of pulling a string behind yourself and walking around the house. There will be a cat on the end of the line by a single pass. (I used to do this as a teenager)

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