I am flying  a different flag today.  (This is from the internet.  Mine is similar)  For those familiar with Texas history, today in 1836 was the decisive battle leading to Texas independence – the defeat of Antonio López de Santa Anna in present day Houston.  Information here.  Since there is an elementary school close to our house, I’m hoping some kids ask their teachers what that new flag down the street is.  Maybe a little history lesson may be disseminated.  Eventually, I’m thinking of placing one of those reader boards, like in a museum, along the sidewalk and have a simple explanation there for the curious.  Someone has to present real history, it might as well be me.

You used to have to know the weezle words and double intandras that were used to hide true intentions.  Apparently, that’s not needed any more.

I note that there is no definitive answer, but there are interesting research moments pending.

I’m reminded of my biochem class where the doctor stated he knew of a research where they took an African who had known lack of lactase and provided one cup of milk.  That meant the bacteria in the fellow’s gut would start working.  The researchers then collected and divided by type the gasses eminating from this volunteer.  After the description, the prof says to the class, “See what you get to do if you become a biochemist?”  He then pretended to be the count from Sesame Street and count the….

political correctness

Don’t forget that the origin of this was Marxism where by manipulating that which was allowed to be spoken, it was believed that one could control the population’s thoughts and make them politically correct.  It’s not only dishonesty, it is attempted thought control.

I read an article by Dennis Prager and noted interesting analysis of the background for a second civil war.  Actually, this has been going on for some time and first manifested itself in a major way in the coverage of the Vietnam war.  (I will grant that themes were starting to change in the 60’s in popular television shows)  Consider the difference between the facts of the battle and Walter Cronkite’s presentation.  The media and education as well as entertainment have been the vehicles for changing society.

As for the need to battle, the problem with conservatives and those freedom loving Americans is that we are busy living our lives and not spending work time protesting this and that.  The concept that this is actually a war is not in the conservative psyche yet.  Once it is, though, I agree with the commenters that any hot war will be short lived.  That said, however, I don’t see much in the concept of replacement of those cultural forces causing the disruption (teachers, entertainers, news-crews).  That replacement and long-time training will be required to reset the culture to a more sustainable, conservative, freedom-loving, responsible-adult culture.  After all, kids have been taught for decades about the evils of the United States and taught to hate this country.  They are now adults acting out the training received.  Change won’t happen in a few years.  It will take a few decades. It also won’t happen until conservatives and freedom-loving Americans recognize the need to be in the battle.

Lastly, we will need a judiciary accepting the defense of our original institutions.  Many of the liberal infections in this country have come by way of the judiciary as regular legislation would not support such changes.  This includes all up to the Supreme Court which erroneously stated that the government could force an individual to purchase another individual’s product.  (Just as a quick example)

The fall of Fort Fisher and ultimate surrender at Bennett Place led to the carnival of corruption that Vance illuminated. We should remember what occurred at Fort Fisher in mid-January 1865 for what it was and what it led to — the ending of an American struggle for freedom and independence, the consent of the governed to rule themselves. This is the sad fact that we should observe, and be cognizant of when gazing at the great earthen fortress.

It has taken a long time for the concept that was our government to be destroyed.  There are a few symbolic pieces remaining, but for the most part our founders would not recognize this country.  I’m afraid they would even wonder at the name and ask what happened to their rich tapestry of federalism.  This article shows the beginning of the end.  The 17th amendment cemented the downfall of state preeminence and the rise of the central government.  Income tax in 1913 further encroached the federal government into the private personal dealings of the citizens and the supreme court in the 30’s began the systematic removal of recognition of freedoms clearly stated in the Bill of Rights.  You will note that during the telling of the battle of the fort, how the descriptions are skewed to provide an altered history favoring the aggressors.  One tactic of totalitarians is to rewrite history.  It happens today even before the news is cold.  I had mentioned earlier that when kidinbox was in school, I took a little time in a “history” book where it was told that the Republicans opposed with Clinton and decided to impeach him.  There was not a single syllable about obstruction of justice or perjury – an action which would put any of the rest of us in prison.  History had become propaganda.  It isn’t different here with the presentation of the fort.  I would advise to do your own study and learn history from something other than a modern politically correct book.  Remember that the origin of “politically correct” was Marxism – the idea that once one could control the ideas allowed to be presented, even a person’s thoughts would be politically correct.

What’s really sad is that I can believe colleges actually doing this stuff.

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