Remember that she is 14.

Good training somewhere in her past.  Congrats.  That is what the parents are supposed to do.  More chilling for the left, think about her voting prospects in the future when one of them starts spouting manure about the second amendment…



Kidinbox has become familiar with my split over the past couple weeks.  This is to maintain position of my wrist for occupational therapy.  It combined with my 5 pound weight limit rather limits certain activities.  After all, I can flex my fingers and extend them, and move my thumb back and forth.  Last night’s prayer sort of went like this:

M: God thank you for this day for the good time had, I pray for good nights sleep to feel good for the day tomorrow.

KIB: God I pray for the wrist that it will get better so he can put both hands on the steering wheel.

Siblinginbox and I had a very active father.  Who taught us how to scan and got the fish?  Dad.  Who taught us to shoot a 22 rifle with sites or scope? Dad.  Who taught us how to hammer a nail?  Dad.  Who taught us to take apart a screaming fan, oil the bearings, then reassemble?  Dad.  Who taught us working when the job was not fun but did need to get finished?  Dad.  ” Variety spice of life, but monotony brings home the paycheck.”  Who taught us the parts of the engine and that which required continual maintenance?  Dad.  Who taught us how to run a lawnmower, how to tie a knot, how to lash things onto your vehicle?  Dad. who taught us a truth Congress does not know, that if your money is spent for item “a,” you cannot buy item “b” with that same money because it is no longer available?  Dad.


What could a boy do whose dad was not available?  There used to be a couple alternatives for any boy in that position.  In some cases, grandpa was available.  In some cases there was an uncle.  From 100 years there were were the scouts.  When I was young, scouts taught skills, gentle competition, provide incentives for creativity using tools, and maintained a positive atmosphere around things masculine.  Scouts had a pledge that they used to say at every meeting.  All the boys stand with scouting salute and recite;

On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

Look at this pledge.  “On my honor”, what is honor apart from a quality in an individual?  “Do my best” has the active verb “do”.    What is more male than activity?  The associated  nown with this is duty.  Right here is noted that activity is associated with requirements or expectations and then these expectations are the associated with the general, the organization, the culture, and finally the self.  Certain of these expectations are specified, and those specified are associated with the personal. Physically strong is related to activity and not becoming a couch potato.  Mentally awake advises active brain activity and not passive reception that is trained and encouraged in media and education.  Morally straight was fought and won all the way through the Supreme Court. The former Boy Scouts maintain their integrity up to the early 2000s that immorality was not provided a place.


Homosexuality is immoral.  Period.  I have on occasion heard an argument from the homosexual advocate how the Bible condones their activity under the guise of love.  What is given, is the very definite clear description of judgment provided any who partake in homosexual activities.

 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

While the Boy Scouts managed to maintain their integrity from outside attacks, they lost war from the inside.  Their protected right of keeping the immoral out of leadership was given up.  They have now given up their basic identity.  Where is a boy supposed to go? Are there any more male only institutions?  Who is going to give male instruction to these boys such that they will become men? I pity those who do not have fathers and the next generation that will be trying to raise children without the necessary background skills.  Boys are not simply girls with a different set of genitalia.


Boys learn differently, behave differently, interact differently, and mature differently than girls.  Physical differences are numerous.  The mental and emotional differences are profound.  That is why consistently and hundred percent against any mixed combat troops.  Men will always behave differently with the female then with each other.  There’s already a comic out on the web showing pregnant teenage girl in a scout uniform saying how she enjoyed the camping trip. Therefore, even comics note there is no doubt the result of such a decision.  Siblinginbox and myself are blessed to grow up when we did.  I would wish our opportunities extended to future generations, but it looks like those chances are slowly being removed.

  • effort is required to pick up the fingers
  • a good day sitting there with an ice pack
  • pain medicine is effective but so sedating has to be taken only at bedtime
  • simple movements become objects of interest
  • it’s considered good progress to touch a finger and thumb
  • pain is such a companion that you don’t even bother treating till it so level V or six
  • you sit down to write a letter and it is to the practitioner that missed the diagnosis leading to life-changing surgery.  The import of the letter is do the X-ray this way so nobody else has to go through it like I did.
  • you have to do everything with one hand and start to realize how much of life revolves around using two
  • shorts are in consistent use because putting on pants so difficult with one hand
  • given medications for conscious sedation while nervous and then waking up in recovery.  Those medications worked quite well.  Spouseinbox said they had quite a conversation with the doctor.  I remember absolutely nothing.
  • To pull the nerve block catheter three days later you realize there’s about 6 inches of tubing inside my shoulder
  • realize how many things are above the 5 pound weight limit.  I’m not even allowed pick up a gallon of tea.
  • My therapist gave me a similar speech to what I used to give my knee patients when I was in home health.  it’s interesting being on the other side.
  • I had a surgeon willing to give me the bones he removed.  I’ve been looking at taxidermist sites and other bone preservation sites to see what to do with them.
  • Since I only have one usable hand, I have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  It’s amazing what words cause this program problems.  I have yet to get it to understand the word “knee”, so for those times I’m doing one hand corrections.

After my last post, I stepped into the tub for a shower and realized an important piece missing.  How does the shower have anything to do with an automatic cat pan?  Well simply the lack of pellets noticed that morning.  The Cat Genie has custom pellets for its operation.  They look like someone took a broom that has those hollow bristles and cut those bristles in 1/4″ lengths.  Those things get everywhere.  I have found them in my bed, through the carpet, even in my sock at work.  I felt like I was walking on a pebble and on removing my sock, found on of those pellets.  One chore was to sweep the bathroom and return the pellets to the machine again.  Did I mention they get everywhere?  Now that the machine is in a closet, the number of pellets in diverse locations has decreased.  Also helping this scenario, I believe, is that I put a scratch pad right at the opening of the closet, so the cats have to walk on it to get in or out.  Here I was standing in the shower and realized that I was not pulling pellets off my feet.  What a nice discovery!

I do have to get into the closet every week and a half, roughly, and sweep in there and return the pellets to the machine, but on the whole, this beats scooping the cat pan every day.

We have tried to automate our cat care.  That puts the idea in a short nugget.  Further explanation requires many more words.  Cats are normal jumpers.  Fences are an enjoyable path along the side of the lot – not that a cat as any respect of man-made property limits.  Dogs, for the most part are respecters of fences.  I say the most the most part, because there are exceptions where they have jumped over or just put a hole in the fence.  This is an important concept to us as we have a canine who thinks cat nuggets are a wonderful commodity to munch and leave around the house.  (knowing cringe here is appropriate)  By utilizing the characteristics presented, we have installed a block from the dogs and managed to keep nuggets where they belong.  Initially, this began as a set of shelves in the corner of the bathroom.  The bottom shelf is relatively even with the counter and above the toilet.  In the corner nearest the sink, a hole allows tubing to connect from the water supply to one of those automatic dog waterers.  That job took a week to get plumbing to match and stop leaking.  Frustration level – orange.  Around the corner of the same shelf is a blue bowl.  There is a piece of downspout leading to the second shelf.  The cats were smart enough to discover that if they dug into the spout of the food dispenser, they could obtain additional supply.  Placing the food dispenser on the next shelf stopped that behavior.  Yes, the food is measured and dispensed at three times through the day.

The dispenser measures the amount of food and the motor runs producing a low noise calling the most food aggressive cat – Whiskers to the first shelf before the cycle is finished.  This has been going on for a few months, so the amount of food consumed is reasonable, I guess.  All weights of the cats are being maintained, except Whiskers.  She has doubled herself since her reproduction factory was removed.  I guess the cyclic cat cry was replaced by an appetite.  There remains a little food about 1/2 hour post administration and this is eaten prior to the next cycle, so I’m not of the mind to change the settings any more.

That leaves the cat pan.  Put a clothes pin on your nose, here comes the cleaning again.  Remember we have three cats.  Take your normal olfactory sensation and triple it.  We tried regular litter, sand, scoopable, and finally had two pans – one with scoopable litter and the other with pellets and a pad underneath to catch the urine.  The combination worked all right.  That’s when I noticed the Cat Genie.

The Cat Genie is expensive.  It’s not as much as a couple of other styles utilizing scoopable litter, but still takes quite a chunk of change.  Also, there is the need to have cleaning fluid and replaceable pellets returned to usage.  The unit is designed to force the buyer to use only the brand supplier.  There is a radio code placed in the package of the soap which ostensibly identifies the authentic soap and times cycled for the machine.  One cannot refill the cartridge and replace it.  The machine will reject a reintroduction of the same cartridge.  I guess that is the reason there were empty cartridges available on ebay for $9.  Anyways, we purchased this machine and have been using the supplies as required.  The machine has had a couple of hicc-ups and required a cleaning and removal of two foreign objects at different times.  The first time was a ball.  All the poop was collected in the chute and filled the thing.   A superball was enough to block operation.  Another time it was making a ferocious noise and this time I had to tear down all the way to the pump to discover a picture holder – one of those bent metal pieces you hammer on to the wall on which a picture is hung.

The unit has been running well after the objects were removed.  Placement of this unit was consideration.  We had it in our bathroom for a while and worked around it.  The dogs would remove treasures from time to time and the cats were so-so about consistent usage.  We would have treasures here and there and the shampooer was well used as well as several things run through the washer.  A better placement needed to happen.  There is a closet next to the bathroom.  I cut a hole in the wall between the closet and the bathroom allowing a cat to enter the bottom of the closet.  Next we obtained a duct fan, motion detector with 10 minute timer and LED light strip.  All these were utilized in the bottom of the closet so that when the cat peeks through the opening, the light turns on as well as the fan which is ducted into the attic and out the vent in the roof.  The bottom shelf was extended to cover entirely to the door and separate that area from the rest of the closet.  Next a water supply was added as well as a drain set into the tub drain.  The Cat Genie was placed in this closet and all operate well.  The dogs can’t get into the closet and the cats have seemed to adopt this new location as we haven’t received any more treasures in the bedroom.  One, and we don’t know who, has occasionally placed an offering in the tub.  I don’t want to fuss too much as this location is phenomenally easier to clean than other locations which were formerly utilized.  One additional observation I have made is that when the bath mat is left in the tub, there are no treasures left there for us.  You can guess where the bath mat has been left.

The next wonderful observation is that entering the room doesn’t have the aura of cat presence to the olfactory observer.  Our air is actually cleaner as a result of this set-up.  I can announce pleasure of that result.

I have typed little recently.  There is a reason.  I have heard many opining about the start of a new year and having new beginnings, etc.  I sort of hope so, but was feeling the “new year” as just another day.  How did I spend New Year’s?  Spouseinbox and I rewired an outlet, added another outlet and I drove to Big City for a doctor’s appointment.  Spouseinbox had to work, so the trip was done solo.  What’s this to do with typing?  Let me back up a bit.  We have wanted a baby.  We both love babies and volunteer in the nursery at church.  That’s where we get our baby time.  During one scan, there was an incidental, “oh, you have a cyst in your thyroid” noted.  We performed the anticipated referral to endocrinology and had an ultrasound which led to a biopsy which led to surgery for cancer which led to radiation treatment which led to no baby time.  That whole scenario played out over the span of 10 months.  In the midst of that story, we had bed bugs.  Annoying things, they are.  I read how they are the ultimate Hitchhiker.  We have suspicions from where they originated, but don’t really know.  This led to moving all cloth items into the garage to process through hot wash, or freezer and the destruction of the offending bed and frame.  So far, Lord willing, I have only seen 2 of those things out of that bedroom.  Both were in the hall and dispatched accordingly.

Since all the cloth items were in bags and the closets clear, I decided to assist spouseinbox and move a closet rod lower to match the reachable height.  One rod didn’t want to move.  It was set in those cups having a screw in the middle and an opening on one side where the rod is to slide and slip out of the adjoining cup.  The screw had moved out somehow and was preventing the removal of the rod.  I moved it around and tugged to no avail.  Finally, I decided that it was just a closet rod and if I pulled in the center, it would bend a little to come off the screw.  Pulling didn’t work, so I pulled harder.  that didn’t work, so I just yanked with all my might and it came out.  More correctly stated, it popped out and we both ended up on the floor with my wrist in excruciating pain.  It didn’t take my brain cells 2 seconds to decide I had done something not very nice to that wrist.

Spouseinbox kept a box of braces for various body parts, and I went to retrieve one, and with that applied, tried to finish the job.  There are times when ADHD has no place in my mind.  Nothing to distract here.  Not even a broken wrist.  Spouseinbox talked me to the walk-in clinic where the tugging injury was described and the nurse practitioner stated no X-ray was needed as it was pulling not an impact injury and sold me a brace.  Talk about profit margin.  I had to sign a waver of purchase as they were charging $72 for this silly thing.  With insurance bargaining, the price became $53.  I still had to pay that much for a brace the replacement of which I picked up on line for $26.  Keep that in mind next time a clinic tries to sell you one.  Just say, “thank you for the opportunity to be soaked, but I will purchase myself.”  Imagine if the bulk of people had to purchase their own medical equipment.  That would change the way things are done in medicine.

So to shorten this long story, I have been in and out of the brace over the last 6 months and up to 3 medicines for pain.  Wearing the brace made it extremely uncomfortable to type as well as use the mouse, so I have practiced mouse movements with my left hand.  At work, I’m rather proficient at usage now.  Well, at the appointment yesterday it was confirmed that the wrist was broken and the bone in question was healing in an arched position.  That being the case, I have a couple of choices.  I can live with the pain and start P/T again.  I can have the first set of carpals removed and the remainder would contract into that space with a reduction of movement, or I can have the entire wrist fused and be the equivalent of having an internal brace.  Pain or limited to  movement.  Joy.  The brace has been removed.  That helps the pain level.  (Granted, I’m still taking 2 of the meds.)  I’m planning on reducing the meds and start all of the exercises I learned from P/T the last time (for which I still am paying, thank you very much).

I’ve decided that this is going to be the equivalent of the advice given to knee replacement patients – take it until the pain is too bad, then have the surgery.  That’s my plan, and without the brace, it’s much easier to type again.

A new year.  I hear of hope, promises, ideas, plans.  Well, you have seen a little bit of mine.  I don’t think it has anything to do with the calendar, but here’s to looking forward with hope that the plans yield good results.

As for the electric project, that’s part of another story I may write some time.

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