Notice the quality of the product at the end.  No electricity, computers, or other gadgets and still the end product appears perfect.  It’s as if a previous generation knew what they were doing.  What a concept.


It was a cold day here in Texas.  Actually, it’s getting colder today.  My prayer is that if we have to endure the cold, at least it could kill some bugs.  Anyways.  Being of a cooler nature, spouseinbox and I decided on soup for supper.  Prior to that time, I decided to make some baking powder biscuits and hot chocolate to go with the soup.  The biscuits turned out all right, though they rise to look like the picture given.  I’ll just have to keep experimenting.  On to the hot chocolate.  I looked on line and didn’t find any recipe that pleased my mind, though I did see a suggestion to add peanut butter and make a peanut butter cup drink.  That suggestion caught in my imagination.  On the first attempt, I used 2 Tbsp cocoa, 4 Tbsp sugar, a couple knife-fulls of peanut butter and a cup of milk.  I stirred it until is boiled and as the kids were excited at the prospect, passed around sips.  Intense.  Well, the flavor was all right, it just needed a bit more liquid.  Spouseinbox was at the store at this time, so received the second batch.  This time, I increased the milk to a cup and a half.  I asked spouseinbox how it went once the kids were in bed and was told that the drink had to be chewed.  I’ll have to try something different next time.

We have three of them…

I have multiple kidinbox’s.  I utilize the name to provide a little anonymity.  That stated, I find it interesting that a kid needs to demonstrate more than tell.  Kidinbox had dental work.  To do so, and get better cooperation, I signed for conscious sedation.  This essentially means that Versed is used to shut off the hypocampus and allow no memory of the event.  Nitrous gas was also used to make cooperation of a greater likelihood.  Local anesthetic was injected for the actual pain control and papoose board was used to ensure cooperation.  With all of that, it still took the dentist, 2 aides, and a parent to get the job done.  I’ll pass on describing the details as it looks horrible, but really isn’t.  I’m a nurse.  I had to explain that fact to the aide.  You aren’t going to scare me.  We were placed in a room that had a massage chair.  After a while, I took note of the sign on the door which announced that this chair was for the adults.  I verified that the dental group had more issues with the parents than the kids.  Sounds like little league.  Anyways, back to kidinbox.  Soft food or shake were the only menu items recommended and there was a burger joint close that had shakes.  We went and obtained lunch for everyone.  On arrival at home, it was apparent that there was no equilibrium existing in kidinbox.  Two handed guiding was required to get this kid down the sidewalk and into the living room.  I mean literal two hands on pressure to keep face plant from occurring – again.  Yes, we learn one fall at a time.  So, I had realized that gravity was an accurate and full-time competitor and keeping kidinbox from having a flat nose required extra attention.  We made it into the living room and to the recliner next to the fish tank whereupon kidinbox was placed to reside and enjoy a shake in safety.  Mom gets home.  Kidinbox cheerily announces, “mom, I can’t walk,” then proceeds to get off the chair and at a step or two face plants on the carpet.  I guess telling mom wasn’t good enough.  Demonstration was required.  Sigh.

The other day kidinbox decided to help make breakfast.  We had left over biscuits and a little sausage from a roll, so I put together a sausage gravy, warmed the biscuits in the toaster oven to get them as close to fresh as possible, scrambled eggs and cooked them with cheese and a smattering of spices.  Lastly, bacon occupied another pan quietly sizzling its presence.  Kidinbox helped in some area with most of these items.  That included breaking the eggs, whipping them, adding the cheese and just before the breakfast was finished I observed some eyes light up and a cheerful kidinbox exclaim, “poptart!”  Kidinbox ran to the end of the counter and picked up the remaining item of the two-pack that was saved in a sandwich wrapper.  The desire to eat that poptart blew away any preference for all the things which had been so carefully prepared on the stove.  (head shake)

A good guy with a gun.

How do you get good guys with guns?

Raise good guys and then train them.

Here is a good start.

For those whining about risk and not wanting firearms available, who do they want when the chips are down?  There just seems to be a responsibility issue with them not wanting to be responsible for their own safety.  If a person isn’t responsible for themselves, who will be?  Dr. Laura had a caller with whom she was working for a while, then finally had an exasperated moment – “Why am I working harder on your problem than you are?”  It was an interesting observation.  The caller wanted more effort from the other end of the phone than they wanted from the person in the mirror.

Now granted, for the most part, those who want everyone disarmed are simply playing the communist card and removing opposition to rule.  The second amendment was placed there precisely because our founders knew the depravity of man and desire to rule and provided the ultimate defense to the population against such a government.

I’m happy to see training on firearms being passed to another generation.  That provides me hope for our future.

I have adopted a new morning strategy.  This comes as a result of the climate and machinery available.  The air conditioner has been running constantly.  I mean that in the fullest sense of the word.  The house was in the low 80’s.  I looked at the outside unit and noted that there was condensation on the return pipe, there was drainage from the condenser unit and the compressor was not iced.  That done, I checked the returns and noted the filters needed changing.  Not a problem, and in the afternoon, a new set of filters adorned the cold air return.  In our case, the hot air returns.   The problem persisted.  The next consideration was that the coil in the unit in the attic was either dirty or iced.  I waited until Saturday morning and opened the unit to discover a cake of ice on the top five inches of the fins.  Deicing commenced and I started the unit again with hopes that it would go back to normal.  Apparently, it was not designed for 108 degrees outside.  Anyways, to keep it from icing again, I am turning off the unit, but leaving the blower running for two hours every morning.  With this practice, we have been to about 80 in the daytime and 76 at night and the air conditioner running constantly.  I’m ready for October.

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