on how to deal with terrorists.  It’s cost effective as well – much cheaper than the court system…

Of course, there has to be a back story to this one.  I just liked the idea and the pic.


Good Freaking Grief!

That was almost painful to watch.  Note that this representative’s idea espoused that illegals were only called that because of an opinion of the president.  There was no concept of a law being broken.  Consider this the way they think and cringe.  If you want to know why this country is in the shape it’s in, here is just one tiny example.  The government official actually schools the representative on what the law actually is.  Illegal means something – at least it used to mean something.  What is the law the rest of us get to ignore?

Hey, voters in Hawaii, find someone who knows what the law is, and follows it, and send them to be a representative.  That would be considered a wonderful favor.   Even if they are on the democrat side of the aisle, someone who knows and follows the law would be an incredible step forward for that party.

I was pondering that there are a couple ways to make money.  Actually four in practice.  One is with your mind.  One is with your body.  Another is stealing from someone else, and the last is investing – slightly related to the mind listed earlier.  The tendency is for those who use their mind to have higher incomes than those who use their bodies.   Medically speaking, those who make decisions make more than those who do the basic labor, excepting surgery and the like, of course.  Those in management make much more than those who are on the factory floor, even though those in management would be hard pressed to do the work which actually goes out the door into the sales arena.  As for theft, there is legal and illegal.  The illegal theft is simple.  The thief removes that of value from the owner.  There should be a punishment for this kind of act.  The hidden one is legal theft.  This is that which is removed from the owner by government and given for nefarious purposes and no retribution will ever result as the agent is the government itself.  This act is covered by the term “tax,” or in some cases “fees.”  The result is the same – removal of value from the owners.

I ran across this article from the LATimes.  I’m tempted to fisk it, but instead of shooting fish in a barrel, I just wanted to point out one thing which the illegal immigrants provide – argument wise.

The concern extends to farmers, who fear more sweeps will drive away labor at a time when some are struggling to get enough workers to pick the crops.

“They’re not going to be replaced by American workers,” Cunha said. “Don’t punish the businesses. We’re not the ones that came up with the sanctuary state.”

“Who is going to work the fields? No one,” he said. “This is a difficult job, and all of us are from Mexico.”

Most of the article is a whine about this stress and conditions in which these illegal immigrants work.  The author goes at length to depict ICE as the origin of fear.  Comments under the article focused similarly on these issues.  I, however, think the comments above are related to slightly different issue.  In this country, who is going to do the work legally?  The California labor law as it is, what farmer could afford to hire Americans to do this job?  There are jobs which do not rise to the official minimum wage level.  Since this artificial level has been established it also sets up the market for illegal labor to do those jobs which cannot be financed at the artificial level wage.  We see the marionette of the illegal labor being pulled back and forth across the stage and I’m noting that the strings may be connected to a wage law poorly conceived and long defended as a protection for the poor even though its application does the exact opposite of what it’s promoters purport.

I found an excerpt from a speech which has an excellent description of what is happening.  Just as an aside, I have an acquaintance who delivers mail.  This individual stated there was a clear communist on the route, who when finished with schooling, went to Austin.  The communists know what they’re about.  To hearken back to a frequently used sentence: if the best man won’t govern, he will be governed by someone lesser than himself, or in our case, the communists and socialists, and SJW’s.  While we’re busy taking care of ourselves and our families, they are busy setting up control of the country.  The three biggest mechanisms under the thumb are; media, entertainment, and education, with the last being the most damaging.  Now for the excerpt:

A professional government is going to have to stamp out freedom sooner or later. Freedom under a professional government can only be a fiction. Whenever the people disagree with the professionals, they’re going to have to get put down. That’s just how it is. No matter how it’s disguised, a professional government is tyranny


I have wondered a time or two why the government is designed the way it is.  That is, not as the Constitution says, but with bureaucracies desire.  After all, if all the congress critters decided, the agencies would disappear.  This article explains it.  It even expresses the possibility that congress critters are set up with some seductive female for the express purpose of having that interaction in reserve in case the congress critter strays off the reservation.  Incredible.  It makes sense, of course, in a sordid way, though.
This keeps the bureaucracies in full control of those theoretically under whom they operate.  This means that the real power has no oversight and no recourse by the voter.  Definitely not the government bequeathed to us by our founders.

I like the idea of sunset regulations.  How about sunset bureaucracies?  In coordination with that idea, I would suggest that we eliminate any retirement associated with bureaucratic institutions or elected positions.  Any retirement needs to come from the private sector.  Period.  The only exception I would me here is for the military as they are actually putting their lives on the line for the rest of the country.  That act needs to be compensated.  Bureaucrats aren’t placing their lives on the line, at all, any time.  Ditto for elected officials who vote for themselves golden parachutes and exemptions from every regulation they foist on the rest of us.  All of those actions show a mentality of “we’re not you.”  Removing those trappings can only help.

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