Lone Ranger and Superman and Batman shows of years gone by (ignore the new ones) each tried to establish the law as the ultimate desire of a civilized society.  Everyone was equal in the eyes of the law and justice would be done.  That was then.  When OJ walked, and no charges have been filed against Hildabeast, John Kerry was not charged with treason and lying to congress and Jane Fonda was not charged with treason, it is readily apparent that justice isn’t at work in this country any more.  Also, consider other stories like the man who slammed on his brakes, tried to lecture the young teen – now has to file for life as a sex offender.   (note the first comment)  It’s becoming readily apparent that true justice isn’t being done.  The desire for “civilized” society will only be met if the government appropriately does its job – which it has spectacularly not been doing.  The result is that this society will revert to where we were before the push for “justice”.  Read here.   (Not for the squeamish of imagination)


Interesting pairing of the locations of violence with Hillary wins.  I used to work in a mental health facility.  I had a clinic room and would treat and provide medications to the residents.  A visitor came and described another facility at which he worked.  The clinic room had three cinder-block walls and one with drywall.  The residents would come in, start to “go off” and head to punch the wall.  They would survey the cinder-block and then go to the drywall and punch there.  The visitor’s assessment was “they are crazy, not stupid.”  These protestors are in a similar vein.  They are performing in a “safe neighborhood.”  Maybe the conservatives should consider the voting patterns of an area before scheduling a speech.

This link describes poor policy executed.  I have no more words at this point.  Excerpt:

Furthermore, for historical and cultural reasons, Russians are much more concerned by the initiation of any incident which could lead to all-out war than the Americans who always fight their wars in somebody else’s country. This might seem paradoxical, but the Russians fear war but they are ready for it. In contrast to the Russians, the Americans don’t fear war, but neither are they ready for it.

This analysis really describes the cesspool in Washington.  If we want the swamp drained, this gives a good starting point that no one wants to touch.  I’m going farther and will say that the entire system is fighting against correcting this behavior.  The last sentence says it well.  This is Orwell’s 1984 performed on a candidate during an election.  If not stopped, it will engulf all of us.


Bottom line – information is power.  The more information an entity has on you, the more power they have over you.  That’s why Google and the federal government are so fearsome.  That’s also why I answer the census with number of individuals in the house only.  It’s a feeble attempt, I know, but at least it forces the federal government to ask Google for the information.  (they already are; one example)

Note that the winner of the war writes the history of it.  In this case, it is good that some actual information has managed to seep through the cracks.  It is troubling to note how similar the circumstances are to what is being done now – by the media and other groups.  The original Constitution was dealt a death blow by the war of northern aggression.  Now, the left is trying to finish off any hint that remains.

Read here.

Just a hint:

Gradual emancipation would have allowed the economy and labor system of the South to gradually adjust to a free paid labor system without economic collapse. Furthermore, since the New England States were responsible for the development of slavery in America, Southerners saw the morality claims by the North as blatant hypocrisy. The first state to legalize slavery had been Massachusetts in 1641 and this law was directed primarily at Indians. In colonial times the economic infrastructure of the port cities of the North was dependent upon the slave trade. The first slave ship in America, “THE DESIRE”, was fitted out in Marblehead, Massachusetts…

This political cause ties in to the above listed efforts by New England Industrialists. Beginning about 1830 the Northern Newspapers began to slander the South. The Industrialists used this tool to indoctrinate the common people of the North. They used slavery as a scapegoat and brought the morality claim up to a feverish pitch. Southerners became tired of reading in the Northern Newspapers about what bad and evil people they were just because their neighbor down the road had a few slaves.

Siblinginbox and I were talking on a close subject recently and the observation was made that a law passed could be repealed.  The only way to permanently destroy something with no recourse was war.  Post the war, the victor chooses the new rules and there is no return to historical norms.

Remember that we who work and have taxes taken from us by force are the ones paying for this lazy individual.  I want a refund.  Don’t forget, we will still be paying this individual until the day he dies.  I’m all for removing pensions from government jobs.  This goes double for elected positions.  They can save and invest for a retirement just like the working folk who are taxed to support them.  It’s way past time to make this change.

A statue is down, a person is dead and several injured.  It is known that the officials didn’t intervene during the removal of the statue, but now have arrested some suspects.  I’m thinking the arrests are to make the government officials look good in light of the travesty occurring and their actions during the same.  What I would like to know to salve my cynicism regarding officials trying to play it both ways is: When is the statue going to be fixed and replaced?

As you could probably tell from the previous post, I went momma bear on that story.  After some reflection, I came to a realization that was much more troubling.  Let me start with Batman.  I like old movies and believe they still hold the best characters and story lines.  Batman would receive a call from the commissioner that there was a bad guy needing apprehension.  Task done, the bad guy would see vertical grey lines in his future.  This was a quiet storyline in each of the tales.  Batman would do his best to meet the challenge, and the bad guy would see bars.  The same was in the radio show of the Lone Ranger.  He was a bit more explicit though.  The Lone Ranger stated his purpose was to help law enforcement establish the law.  Superman also delivered the bad guy to jail.  It was quite a break with tradition to have the bad guy in the movie die.  That happened in the ’80’s.  I noted the difference then.  For decades, the quiet push was to have law enforcement establish the law and everyone was bound by that law.  Order was known to exist when everyone was abiding by the law.

What happened prior to the proliferation of lawmen?  How were people to protect themselves?  We had the second amendment.  It isn’t a hunting clause.  It is a self-protection recognition.  It has been noted to apply to protection against government and is properly know to exist in that realm.  It is also to exist in the realm of self-protection.  The individual was charged with ability to protect him or herself.  After all, there were no police to assist.  There was no 50 minute for response to a call.  There was no place to call except oneself and maybe a neighbor.

Once it is known that the law will not be protected or enforced by the government, why should anyone trust in either?  This concept removes the decades of learning to rely on application of the law and instructs the citizen that justice is only found if done by oneself.  If that concept reverberates through society, the action by this judge will have much grander results than anyone can vision.  Note, I do not use the term “grander” in the positive sense of a Paramount Picture, but in the scale term it generates.  If one captures a parasite in the act of evil and pins them to the ground, what now will be their consideration?  Hold them for a justice system that will not provide any due course for their actions, let them go to keep practicing evil, or administer vigilante justice on the spot.  With the previously noted action, this judge has tilted the scales towards one of those above options.   What is left for wonder is if this concept and potential for chaos was at the root of the decision.

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